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Followup On Haiti, Science, Brinstuff And The Enlightenment!

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Register to add yourments at: http://dmlcompetition.net/pligg/register.php by creating a user name and password (please note the user name and password you created to submit an application will not work; all users . It is wrong for well-meaning scholars like Sternhell to continue calling the abstract-idealist branch of the Enlightenment its defining center. .. So no, coal still has big problems and rapid expansion, even with new technology, is still problematic.

Ten Emerging Technology Trends To Watch Over The Next...

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Ten years ago at the close of the 20th century, people the world over were obsessing about the millennium bug – an unanticipated glitch arising from an earlier technology. I wonder how clear it was then that, Now, scientists are able to synthesize the genome of a newanism from scratch, and are on the brink of using it to create a living bacteria. Synthetic biology is about taking .. It is all depend what definition of so-called “reality” is… Tissue engineeredan is 

To Infinity, Although Beyond Might Be Too Expensive...

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So a high-powered National Academymittee is examining everything closely, deciding what to keep and what to kill. I hope once sanity is returned to leadership we can use this unfortunate period to establish planning safeguards that will prevent such attacks on science from ever being repeated. the technology to explore new lands and seas right here on Earth is also what drove the “pure and basic” understanding of astronomy– even in Newton's time.

Arxiv Find: Stars In Other Universes : Cosmic Variance

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Discover Magazine: the magazine of science, technology, and the future . IOW, a lot of that must be defined in relative terms, and I don't mean just the crude quesiton like what if (or meaningfully, could?) the fundamental constants aren't “just right”, stars can't burn helium to make carbon. I'm a bit surprised that this famous anthropic prediction wasn't even mentioned in this paper — how does helium burn in Adams's model stars? Pingback: pligg.com. Garth A barber.


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Kant knew well the critical importance of reflection and meaning-making as critical intellectual activities during his adult life. Certainly the great legacy of his work could not have been achieved without reflection and his ability 

It's Not Women We Need; It's A Variety Of People

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When we help teenagers think about technology careers, that's when we can get more women in the field. . Studies show a drop off of girls who participate in tech and science programs in high school. and their influx forces the environment to change to better support their longer participation and limit their attrition – then fantastic! It has to start somewhere. Our differences can help us be better together. Pingback: pligg.com . Proudly powered by WordPress.

Genetic Programming: Evolution Of Mona Lisa

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Every mention of evolution shouldn't turn into a god vs. science debate, but I'm going to fuel the fire anyway. . Ridley is a passable zoologist, while Dawkins just writes nicely, but is not even a biologist at all and has fscked up the meaning of “gene” throughly and beyond redemption, thank you very much NOT: when Dawkins says “gene”, it may be anything between a single . Pingback: Genetic Programming: Evolution Of the Mona Lisa | the Current Buzz - Tech.

Ten Things You Don't Know About The Earth

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Discover Magazine: the magazine of science, technology, and the future. Search DISCOVERmagazine.com .. the height of a mountain may have an actual definition, but I think it's fair to say that it should be measured from the base to the apex. Mt. Everest stretches 8850 .. Oh yeah, by the way,,, a solar powered laser, collecting the total solar energy output, could blow up earth in somewhat less than 160,000 years(maybe a couple of weeks???). But as I recall, the 

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