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Anime / Blind Idiot Translation

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Toys. Pitch Generator · Story Generator .. In the MIXX magazine, Hotaru was called Jenny for all of one page in the Dream Arc, long after her name was known and manifested as Hotaru. The Russian dub occasionally fell victim to this, mainly due to very obvious lack of any research on the translators' partProbably one of the best examples: in a first season episode that featured a cat Youma, the cat in question was named (in the dub) "Red (originally, "How about a catnip?").

Kindhearted Cat Lover

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Toys. Pitch Generator · Story Generator Characters who follow this trope aren't necessarily good guys, but the kind gestures they make are a way of showing that they aren't all bad - in other words, a scene where they're petting a cat is an example of Pet the Dog. This one crops up .. Hotaru Katsuragi has also shown a soft spot towards cats, but it seems like all living things are afraid of her Evil Laugh, and that includes the kitties. .. High On Catnip This Index Meows King of Beasts.

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