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Star Birth Sparked At The Galaxy's Edge

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In the early 1970s radio astronomers discovered a long stream of gas that trails behind the two galaxies in their orbit around us. This gas, named the Magellanic Stream, consists mostly of neutral hydrogen atoms, which 

Apps By The Dashboard Light

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dashboard apps: The screen for GM's forthcoming 4G-connected cars will include icons for radio, weather, and other services, plus a GM vehicle-monitoring tool. Starting next month, many car buyers will be getting a novel 

Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 Is Bigger, Faster, Thinner, And...

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The galaxy Note 3 sticks close to the winning formula: it enlarges the Super AMOLED display of the Note II to 5.7 inches, adds a bombastic 3GB of RAM and a 2.3GHz quad-core processor, raises the camera resolution to 13 megapixels, but only marginally so — Samsung's hopes for attracting new buyers to its Note platform rest on a suite of new stylus-friendly software features and a physical redesign aimed at making the Note 3 look that extra bit more glamorous.

Apple Isn't Going To Take Over Your Dashboard, But It Will...

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So in addition to hosting its own apps and own connectivity through MyLink and OnStar, your future Chevy could also link to your iPhone's core features, as well as a Samsung galaxy's or Nokia Lumia's. In fact I get the impression that the auto industry is grudginglying to terms with the fact that there are a lot of apps from internet radio to location-sharing that customers simply want to see replicated on the dashboard and car . powered by WordPress.com VIP.

Astronomers Get A Clearer Look At Supermassive Black Holes

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And Solar System-sized black holes with masses measured in millions or billions of Suns turned out to lie not just inside quasars, but at the center of every large galaxy in the cosmos — including our own. Astronomers have found quasars that are powered by billion-solar-mass black holes dating back to some 750 million years after the Big Bang, when the Universe was less than 6% of its current age. How did . The article was first published on January 15, 2014.

Stitcher Radioes To Your Dashboard With New 'car Mode...

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Stitcher radio is rolling out a new feature on its iOS app today that makes it much easier to use the streaming service while driving in a vehicle — which is exactly where radio belongs.

Have You Ever Considered Mounting A Tablet To Your Car...

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Just last week, Android Central's Jerry Hildenbrand reported that SonicElectronix replaced a Dodge Ram's stock stereo system with a new system powered by an Audison Bit One digital processor and a Nexus 7. But it's nothing like having a tablet mounted to the dashboard for GPS navigation, streaming music or other helpful tasks while on the road (stopped, of course … we wouldn't want anyone to be distracted while driving). Products mentioned in this article 

Mobile Tv Elite ? Cell Phone And Ipad Product! Review...

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