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First Look: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 For Ps3

Diterbitkan pada Thursday, 31 May 2012 Pukul 15.00

First Look: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 for PS3. Lorenzo Grajales's Avatar Posted by Lorenzo This year, the PES team has lots of new people onboard who are sure to inject new life into this soccer simulation game, which already has millions of fans around the world. In addition to all-new AI that I noticed after just a few . PES Team: Well, there are no major improvements or changes for the Edit features this year. PSB: Up until now, all your DLC for PES has been 

How To Edit Your Save Data With Pc Tools [pes2013]

Diterbitkan pada Tuesday, 27 January 2015 Pukul 17.51

Hello , this is the second Episode of PS3EDIT , in this episode I will show you how to edit your PS3 save data (PES2013) with computer tools (editor by W!ld) . this tutorial is necassary for editing in PS3 , and we will need it in 

Pes 2013 Ps3 Shinga Patch V2.00 By Royal Team

Diterbitkan pada Thursday, 4 December 2014 Pukul 13.53

PES Patch - Update, Edit, Mods and Patches · Home · Forum · FIFA Patch · Soccer Material · facebook · twitter · googleplus · PES 2016 · PES 2015 · PES 2014 · PES 2013 · PES 2012 · PES 6 · EXTRA menu · PES 2011 · PES 2010 · PES More Tags: credit PS3 bandung 2015, shinga pes2013, shinga patch pes 2013 ps3, shinga patch gennaio, pes2013 v 2 download ps3, pes 2013 team patch ps3, Pes 2013 Shinga patch, pes 2013 shinga, pes 2013 ps3 shinga patch 

[pes 2013] Ps3 Football Classics Option File By Rafaellv...

Diterbitkan pada Wednesday, 17 July 2013 Pukul 19.02

PES Patch - Update, Edit, Mods and Patches · Home · Forum · FIFA Patch · Soccer Material · facebook · twitter · googleplus · PES 2016 · PES 2015 · PES 2014 · PES 2013 More Tags: pes 2013 ps3 blus option file 2014 with classic, patch pes 2013 classic, patch pes 2013 ps3 classic teams, patch classic pes 2013 ps3, pes 2013 classic option file dlc 1 4 blus, pes 2013 classic option file ps3, option file pes 2013 classic club, classic team pes 2013, pes 2013 ps3 blus 

[ps3] Wenb Eu Option File V3 (all Bles Version)

Diterbitkan pada Thursday, 25 October 2012 Pukul 21.45

This Option File contains 658 files and is compatible with PES2013 Data Pack 2.0. Option File Contents: All League and Cup Emblems corrected. League Structures reworked. Club Teams: EPL – Kits & Emblems created/updated (If you try and copy it all straight away, many of the files will not be selected, as the PS3 is still finding them on your USB stick. This will cause them to not show in the game.) 1. Find the Edit Data. 2. Press Triangle and select COPY, the edit 

Pes 2013 Update Winter Transfers For Pesedit 6.0

Diterbitkan pada Wednesday, 4 February 2015 Pukul 18.21

It contains new current ability of all players, new squad, starting XI and kits of all team from list below : PESEDIT COM 2013 PATCH 6 0 - UPDATE WINTER TRANSFERS 2015, PES 2013 PESEdit Patch 6 0 Winter Transfer 14/15, pes 2013 update februari, pes edit new update 2015, update pes 2013 februari, update pes 2013 ps3 februari 2015, patch update transfer only pes2013, download patch pes 2013 februari, download edit transfer pes 2013 patch 6 0 

Pes 2013 Russian Premier League Patch Ps3

Diterbitkan pada Tuesday, 8 September 2015 Pukul 9.10

PES 2013 PS3-ra اخر اصدارات باتشات لعبة Pes 2013 باتش Patch 3.3 بحجم 1 جيجا تحميل مباشر تحميل العاب اكس بوكس بلاستيشن XBOX360 PS3 playstation Added Bundesliga, Primera Division Argentina, Russian Premier League Adden Player Ratings BHT Premier League v1.0 by European Edit Team PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.0 Blue by fadi alkam update 5.0.2 ( DLC 2 and 1.01 exe added) · Pes Colombia Download PES 2015 New Ballpack v3 Update Season 

How To Import An Option File To Ps3 [tutorial]

Diterbitkan pada Monday, 17 October 2011 Pukul 7.24

Plug USB stick into PS3 7. Go to Game-Saved Data Utility 8. Find your USB stick 9. All the kits etc should show as single files, along with an Edit Data file, and a System Data file 10. Start at the first kit, press Triangle while you are on it, how to install pes 2014 option file ps3, pes 2013 ps3 import team data, cara memasukan file kit pes ke ps3, how to install option file pes 2013 ps3, cara memasukan option file ps3, cara memasukan option file ke ps 3, import pes15 ps3 

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