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Dialog Percakapan Giving Instructions

Dimensi Sekolah: Short Dialog Of Giving Instructions

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Short Dialog of Giving Instructions. 1. In the technology Information lesson, the teacher giving some instruction for using coreldraw x4 to his students. Mr.Kin : okay, good morning students. students : Morniiing Sir. Mr Kin : today 

Percakapan Bahasa Inggeris

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English conversation how make advice and suggestion; English conversation how to ask and give direction; English conversation how to introduce self and others; English conversation how to make arrangement; English conversation how to make and accepting greeting; English Sementara percakapan atau dialog yang bersifat interpersoanl adalah berbicara dalam bahasa inggris sebagai wujud nyata bersosialisasi apa adanya, tanpa ada maksud tertentu.

Cara Memberi Instruksi (giving Instructions)

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Giving instructions may sound difficult, (especially detailed instructions) but if the instructions are broken into small steps and the steps are clearly identified, it becomes a more manageable task. To do this use sequence 

Useful Expressions Xii Sma/ma

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A. EXPRESSIONS OF GIVING INSTRUCTIONS / ORDER / REQUEST (XII/X) (Ungkapan Memberi Instruksi / Perintah/ Permohonan) Father : Hi, Dony. Come here and help me, please. Hai, Dony. Datanglah kemari dan tolong 

E-primbon: Giving Instruction

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Giving instruction / memberikan perintah adalah suatu ungkapan yang digunakan yang digunakan supaya orang lain melakukan apa yang kita perintahkan atau minta. à Beberapa ungkapan dari Giving Instruction : Open your book!

Giving Suggestions,requesting,giving Instructions

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Giving Instructions. · You should keep it out of the children's reach. · Whatever you do, don't be nervous. · Bring that magazine to me. · Read the text loudly. Contoh Dialog. Giving Suggestion. A : Why you look so sad Nina ?

Into The New World: Giving Instruction

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Giving instruction is an expression that is use in order that other people does what we instruct or request. => Command (Kalimat Perintah). ð 1. Example Dialog of Giving Instruction. Mrs .Lilik: Attention please, there are 

I Think My Life: Expressions Of Giving Instructions Part 2...

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Example dialog for expressions of giving instructions: a) Dialog 1: Mother : Hey, Sue. Come here and help me, please. Sue : no worries, Mom. I'm coming. What should I do for you, Mom? Mother : take a look at my hand phone 

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