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Sabrito Engine Oil Palm Oil Based

Sabrito Engine Oil Palm Oil Based – SABRITO Engine Lubricant – Formulated for use in both gasoline & diesel engines. Excellent for new and old vehicles. Offers multi-functionality and excellent wear protection. Ideal for applications where the extra protection of a higher viscosity oil is desired.

SABRITO Fully Synthetic Engine Lubricant is specially formulated to provide superior protection and performance in a wide variety of demanding applications. It is PALM OIL BASED product. By incorporating high quality synthetic base stocks and additives, SABRITO Lubricant exceeds the needs of large and small gasoline or diesel engines in cars, buses, trucks, generators, maintenance equipment, heavy equipment – tractor, excavator, and marine applications.
It is ideal for high mileage vehicles with high-stress vehicles subject to hot temperatures, heavy hauling, trailer pulling or off road use.

SABRITO Engine Lubricant resists oxidation, neutralizes acids, inhibits corrosion, reduces wear and protects against deposits. It provides the extra anti-wear protection required by engines. Trust the extensive experience of SABRITO Engine Lubricant – The First in Palm Oil Based Product to do the best job protecting your engine. Non Toxic & Recycle as Garden Fertiliser.

We gives you the satisfaction and enhanced your mood of driving…
Choose our 3 ranges a lot of Kilometers
1. RA 10K.KM
2. RA 15K.KM
3. RA 20K.KM

Extends Drain Intervals in Gasoline and Diesel Engines
The superior SABRITO Fully Synthetic Engine Lubricant technology exceeds the requirements of both gasoline and diesel engines.

SABRITO Engine Lubricant is a multi-grade synthetic lubricant for applications that require or benefit from a higher viscosity oil. It is recommended for air and liquid cooled, new or old, large or small gasoline and diesel engines.

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