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How Misinformation Goes Viral

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On August 26, Fox's Megyn Kelly aired a four-minute segment on an Indiana University project called Truthy, declaring sarcastically, “Some bureaucrat deciding whether you are being hateful or misinforming people — what 

A New Course In Video Games Journalism : Columbia...

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Today, while video games writing has a broad readership on sites like Kill Screen and the Vox Media-owned Polygon—as well as in general publications like The New Yorker and New York Times—there remains amon refrain that games criticism “There was definitely a long time where the products did not support the level of criticism that people were trying to apply to them,” said Leigh Alexander, an editor at large for Gamasutra, who has also written for cjr.

The Rise Of Internet Video News : Columbia Journalism Review

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Most of the discussion of youth news consumption and news literacy—including that of yours truly—focuses on articles and written content. Increasingly, however, young people are consuming their news via online video.

Howics Journalism Brings Stories To Life : Columbia...

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Stingley's words, rendered alongside Rodriguez's illustrations, are heartbreaking in a way few written articles or even videos achieve; a panel about her being woken from a dream about her slain daughter by the barking of 

Video: How Neutrality Shifts May Impact Diversity Online...

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cjr moderated a 45-minute video chat with media entrepreneurs including Davey D, an independent journalist who writes about hip-hop culture and politics at,, and hosts a San 

How To Check If That Viral Video Is True : Columbia Journalism...

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Mostly, this is because the entire process—from, say, discovering this video of a cat saving a boy from a dog to sharing it—takes place outside the news cycle. But because journalists cover entertainment and digital culture, 

What Embedding The Ray Rice Video Reveals About News...

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For example, neither The New York Times nor The New Yorker published the Foley video on their websites, but both publications embedded the Rice video in stories on the subject. Christopher Massie is an intern at cjr.

To Publish Or Not: James Foley Video Spotlights Media's...

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This perennial dilemma is at the center of the controversy over whether to publish the video, or images from the video, released on Tuesday, of journalist James Foley being beheaded by an ISIS militant. Of course, the other thing that has changed is that the traditional media are . If you'd like to get email from cjr writers and editors, add your email address to our newsletter roll and we'll be in touch. Facebook · Twitter; Email; Print; More sharing More sharing. More in 

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