setting load balancing mikrotik rb750 nth method

Mikrotik 4 Wan Load Balancing Using Pcc Method...

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In this example I have used MikrotikT rb750 5 ports router. 4 ports were connected with Four DSL In my personnel experience , If users request are directly hitting mikrotik configured with PCC , then you will get good load balancing. Use src-address as classifier, this I told one of my friend to check this script at his setup (who is already using this script at his setup to load balance 4 wan links) and he informed me that it's working fine. Do one thing , Simply reset all 

Setting Mikrotik Rb 750 G + 2 Line Speedy + Proxy Squid...

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Settingan sederhana load balancing 2 speedy + squid tidak cocok buat Warnet Game Online topologinya speedy1----| |------- mikrotik RB 750 G-------LAN-----client speedy2---- | | squid ubuntu 9.10 seting modem menjadi bridge ip address modem add action=mark-connection chain=preroutingment=”load Mangel” connection-state=new disabled=no in-interface=lan nth=2,1 new-connection-mark=ADSL-1 passthrough=yes . acl CONNECT method CONNECT

Howto Exempt Any User / Website From Mikrotik Pcc

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I recently deployed Dual WAN P.C.C configuration at a local The scenario is something like below . . . USERS >> mikrotik PPPOE SERVER >>> mikrotik RB 750 PCC with 2 DSL Link>>> INTERNET The problem they were facing of one particular Banking web site name , The best method to resolve such… Can't say, nth i sno longer used nowa days normally. i am using pcc load balancing mikrotik version 3.6 with hotspot.

Mikrotik Dual Wan Load Balancing Using Pcc Method...

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Comment by Aman Manifarooqi — August 5, 2011 @ 6:59 PM. Reply. This is nth base load balancing which will give you some problems in steaming , https web sites etc. but try it anyways since its the simplest way to do load balance. Make some changes to sir, give me a script of queue tree bandwith setting mikrotik rb750G please….. note: I use dual wan about it wan.ment by aanet — February 24, 2012 @ 7:22 AM. Reply. dear sir. Syed Jahanzaib sir main 

Mikrotik 4 Wan Load Balancing Using Pcc With Pppoe...

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For normal LB, read my article at In this example I used MikrotikT rb750 5 ports router. 4 ports were connected with four… i'm using nth mikrotik method to mix 10 pppoe line from one( lan bridge) its work ok with few no of user and when the users increase i get problem in browsing how can i solve it is pcc is ok for it.ment by dh — February 3, 2013 @ 4:52 PM.

Setting Load Balancing 2 Isp Dengan Pcc Mikrotik

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Pengujian setting load balancing 2 isp dengan PCC mikrotik. Anda bisa melihat statistik pada masing-masing interfaces WAN/internet mikrotik Anda jika anda melakukan aktifitas browsing dari PC client untuk melihat load balancing 2 isp ini bekerja. saat sya mencoba di mikrotik rb750 knapa gagal. di new terminal terbaca add adress=, sama dengan ny di blok merah? kenapa bisa begitu ya.. Adam Rachmad. Coba perhatiin 

Load Balancer Mikrotik 2 Isp 1 Lan Router

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Disini mencoba membuat load balancing dengan menggunakan routerboard RB 750 indoor yang mempunyai 5 interface, apabila kita ingin membuat load balancing failover pada mikrotik versi 4.11, disini saya menggunakan 2 Apabila gateway sama, anda harus setting PPPOE (mikrotik yang dial PPPOE sendiri), maka anda pilih salahsatu dari gateway yang sama itu buat PPPOE yang lain bikin setting PPPOE dial dari modem yaitu modem yang jadi gateway.

Ip Firewall Mangel Nth Untuk Load Balance

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Sesuai dengan judul disini kita akan bahas nth untuk load balancing agar hasil yang di dapat maksimal nth (integer,integer: 0..15,integer{0,1}) - klo pas gatwaynya yg kepake ADSL -384 kbps, dan juga kadang lambat klo yg kepake yg bandwith 32 kbps ga tau deh cara setting nth yg bener gimana Click here to enlarge method to produce load-balancing for both inbound and outbound. example: iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -m nth --counter 7 \

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