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Expressing Happiness And Thank

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Do you know how to express it? Sometimes you also have to thank others for what they give to you and have to respond if someone thanks you. Do you know how to do them very well?plete the following dialogue with 

Immaria's English Blog: Expressing Happiness

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Dialogue of Expressing happiness : Mr. Radit : How was your school today, Dita? Dita : It was great, Dad. Mr. Radit : That's good. By the way, Kila, your aunty, is in Jakarta now. Dita : aunty Kila? When did shee? How was 

Coke's 'open Happiness' Opens Regional Dialogue

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Coke's 'Open happiness' Opens Regional Dialogue Shay Drohan, a native of Ireland who's fluent in Gaelic, english and Spanish, can also get by in Portuguese, Korean and French. we've been sharing launch plans by geographic group with the other areas of the world, so people can see very early what others are doing and express interest or challenge or question or even do something as simple as making sure that the rights are bought out in advance.

Lesson Plan

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LESSON PLAN Education Unit : SMAN 1 KEDIRI Subject : english Class/ Semester : X / 1 Makalah Tentang Strategi After listening the dialogues of expressing happiness and sympathy, students will be able to: 1. Identify 

My DrΣΔmcΔtcher: Expressing Happiness

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Example dialog expressing happiness : Juniel : “Mom ! I have a good news !” Mom : “What is it dear ?” Juniel : “My english teacher told me that I got excellent score in the last test !” Mom : “Really? Oh I'm proud of you dear !”

Expressing Happiness

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(example: to hear that). ü It was great. Examples. Read the dialogs. dialog 1. Mrs. Hans : How was your school today, dear? Tasya : It was great, Mom. Mrs. Hans : That's good. By the way, Annie, your niece, is in Bandung now. Tasya : Annie . 2. Characteristic of Announcement. Use simple present tense or simple future tense often enticement. Simple Present Tense. Formula: Subject (I, You, We, They) + infinitive. Examples: I speak english. You sing a song. We go to 

Contoh Dialog Expressing Promise

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Contoh dialog Expressing Promise. Kali ini kita akan membahas tentang mapel bahasa inggris yaitu Expressing Promise. Maksud dari Expressing Promise sendiri adalah cara mengekspresikan janji. Lebih lengkapnya 

Expressing Happiness

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Expressing happiness. Posted by Giffari Rizky Izzani | File under : english Lessons. 1.The Definition of happiness Expression: happiness expression is an expression that is used to show that someone or people are glad have excited feelings. (example: to know that) ü I love …. (example: to hear that) ü It was great. Examples Read the dialogs. dialog 1. Mrs. Hans : How was your school today, dear? Tasya : It was great, Mom. Mrs. Hans : That's good. By the way, Annie, your niece, 

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