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Immaria's English Blog: Expressing Happiness

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Dialogue of Expressing Happiness : Mr. Radit : How was your school today, Dita? Dita : It was great, Dad. Mr. Radit : That's good. By the way, Kila, your aunty, is in Jakarta now. Dita : aunty Kila? When did she come? How was 

Rpp Expressing Happiness

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that I'm very fond of reading. Especially about legend.” VII. Media. Powerpoint percakapan mengenai dialog tentang Expressing happiness. Guru menjelaskan tentang materi pelajaran expressing happiness dan memberikan contoh ungkapan rasa bahagia di powerpoint. · Guru meminta setiap kelompok untuk maju ke depan kelas dan . conversation” spoken slowly and with frequent repetition. Can not be said to understand even simple conversational English.

Expressing Relief , Pain, And Pleasure

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Whenwe get an accident, andwe get injured becauseof it, we must feel pain. Example: 1. It's very painful. I can't stand it. 2. The pain hurt me very much. 3. That hurts! 4. Oh, my headaches. 5. It hurts me so much. Expressing Pain Dialogue expressing enjoyment, happiness or satisfaction. · Use to express pleasure, showing one's feeling of happiness. The expression that you can use: 1. Great! 2. Terrific! 3. Fantastic! 4. I'm pleased. 5. I enjoyed it. Expressing Pleasure Dialogue.

Expressions In English

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How are you? Headmaster : I am glad you both have come on time. (expressing happiness) Srinath : Sir, it is very kind of you to have invited us. (thanking-formal) Headmaster : It's a pleasure! (responding to thanks) My wife

Interjections: Examples In English Conversation

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Interjections are words used to express emotion. There are hundreds of them Here are 10 common interjections in English and examples of their use in conversations: Use these interjections to express happiness or excitement. “Were you 

Expressing Happiness

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Expressing Happiness. Posted by Giffari Rizky Izzani | File under : English Lessons. 1.The Definition of Happiness Expression: Happiness expression is an expression that is used to show that someone or people are glad have excited feelings. (example: to know that) ü I love …. (example: to hear that) ü It was great. Examples Read the dialogs. Dialog 1. Mrs. Hans : How was your school today, dear? Tasya : It was great, Mom. Mrs. Hans : That's good. By the way, Annie, your niece, 

Edx: Berkeleyx: Gg101x The Science Of Happiness

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Hap is the Old Norse and Old English root of happiness, and it just means luck or chance, as did the Old French heur, giving us bonheur, good fortune or happiness. . Express empathy. If the other person voices negative feelings, strive to validate these feelings rather than questioning or defending against them. For example, if the speaker expresses frustration, try to consider why he or she feels that way, regardless of whether you think that feeling is justified or 

English Task Class Xi Ipa 1: Expressing Satisfaction...

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Expressing Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction. Expressing Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction. 1. Expressing Satisfaction. Expressing Satisfaction: expressing good feeling; sense of comfort or happiness. Use to express satisfaction. When we are happy after we see a concert and we are really contented with the performance, when we are happy about our result of exam we must feel satisfied. . Example dialog Expressing Satisfaction : Putri : How's your vacation in Lombok, 

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