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Why Pierre Omidyar Decided To Join Forces With Glenn...

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His interest in launching a new kind of newsanization — capable of sustaining investigative work and having an effect with it — intensified throughout the summer as news from the Snowden files continued to pour forth. . to the Sunlight Foundation, which promotes open government, Omidyarwork practises 'venture philanthropy-— developing a non-profit start-up in the same way as a new business venture, except for not expecting it to make money one day.

The Reconstruction Of American Journalism : Columbia...

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They published much more foreign than local news, reprinting stories they happened to see in London papers they received in the mail, much as Web news aggregators do today. What local news they did provide consisted mostly of . Some newspapers began losing money, and the depressed earnings of many others were not enough to service the debt that their owners had run up while continuing to buy new properties. The Tribune chain of newspapers, which 

Who's Behind Newsweek?

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After joining the group in her late teens, Anne had spent more than seven years working in its ministries—organizations and businesses run by Jang's disciples. She said she rarely had enough money for small luxuries like coffee. while we waited for her husband, Caleb, who also worked for a ministry: the International business Times, the flagship publication of an eponymous online newspany that would, nine months later, become the new owner of Newsweek magazine.

Next How To Start And Operate An Offset Printing Press

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How Nonprofits Spend Millions On Elections And Call It...

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Some tax-exempt groups underreported their political activities in 2010 to the IRS, ProPublica finds, using tactics that are being used to pour dark money into campaigns on an even larger scale this year.

A First Look At Newco's Structure » Pressthink

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First Look Media will publish robust coverage of politics, government, sports, entertainment and lifestyle, arts and culture, business, technology, and investigative news. .. His first step has been to take the remaining documents, which exceed 10,000 in number, and start a new media enterprise with Poitras and investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill, funded by a $250 million investment from tech billionaire .. And if you'd like some general advice- follow the money.

Debt Management Plan Helps Couple Escape $52,000...

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The Harbs, who have three children, had been using their cards for household expenses while Scott started his own small business, but the debt had spiraled out of control. The only way The Harbs also worked out a debt-management plan with CredAbility, a nonprofit credit counseling group in Atlanta. That move But the Harbs' tale is more than a money story; it's also the story of their marriage surviving through perseverance, partnership and sacrifices. "No one 

Hobbies And Mental Health

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When therapists started to encourage these individuals to set aside time to engage in a hobby they noticed a marked improvement in their mental health and overall well-being. good hobbies for depression; published news upcoming news submit a new story groups job; hobbies for men in their 40s; people without hobbies; published news upcoming news submit a new story groups business home; published news upcoming news submit a new story groups bed support 

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