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The author states that "The typical slide presentaion of today consists of a speaker presenting streams of information to slides with general titles, clip art, and bulleted listed after bulleted list" Throughout my college I definitely agree with you and the book about boring slide shows and find that most slide shows with bullet points or outlines, especially in class settings, end up being copied verbatim while the talking is being tuned out. If teachers stepped back and 

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Free Null Scripts Clone: Digg Clone Script Pligg 1.0

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DIGG CLONE SCRIPT Pligg 1.0. DIGG CLONE SCRIPT Pligg 1.0 EXP SlideShow(The EXP SlideShow module (previously called EXP Header) allows to play slideshows on your site) Simple template. Powered by Blogger.

New Development Tutorials

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We're bringing developer interest together with these two categories “jQuery image gallery tutorials & jQuery slideshow tutorials" which are ultimate useful. developer interest together with these two categories “jQuery image gallery tutorials & jQuery slideshow tutorials” which are ultimate useful in website design and creative development, almost every development area using the way using in, wordpress themes, joomla templates, Drupal themes, pligg themes and 

Subprime Loan Crisis Explained By Cartoon Stick Figures...

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Here's a funny yet educational slide show (alternate link) explaining how the subprime mortgage mess was created through some complex financial trickery and well… simple and stupid assumptions. You know, like (1) .. pligg.com says: September 13, 2010 at 9:49 pm. Subprime Loan Crisis Explained By Cartoon Stick Figures » My Money Blog… Subprime Loan Crisis Explained by Cartoon Stick Figures…Very nice and easy explanation of what happened…. Reply 

Pligg Beta 9

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She said she would be emailing the class some materials to help us effectively produce a presentation, which again made me upset because I believe Garr is correct when he says WE are the presentation, not the slide show. But anyway, at 

In The Library With The Lead Pipe » Learning To Teach...

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I've just started using PowerPoint as a storyboarding tool — putting visual elements in the slide section, and audio in the notes — and fellow Leadpiper Derik suggests post-it notes as a quick and easy method. Storyboards help . I think video is good for “show and tell” training (i.e. how to use a tool) and, in some cases, to tell a narrative that might be complicated or overwhelming to read. Here's a . Powered by WordPress | Original Theme by mg12 Edited by Derik.

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