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It may be used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources (files, Servlets, Perl scripts, Java Objects, Data Bases and Queries, FTP Servers and more). It can be used to simulate a heavy load on a server,work or object to test 

11 Tips That You Need To Know About Affiliate Stores In...

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1. Enable Affiliatework You can enable functionality to create affiliate stores in your Premium DecoNetwork plan in Manage Fulfillment > Settings > Affiliatework 2. Cloning Store In DecoNetwork you can clone one of 

The 5 Most Successful People-powered News Sites

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pligg / Meneame. The list below contains another 50+ sites that are dead or nearly so - and most appear to be using pligg / Meneame or something similar. These are open source systems, based on Digg. Memeame was first, in Spanish and pligg used their code base and then split off on its own path. I have contributed a small amount of code to pligg and . People powered Newswork Launched by Care2 · The Most Successful Digg Clones · The 5 Most 


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HPCC is a proven and battle-tested platform for manipulating, transforming, querying and data warehousing Big Data. It supports two type of configuration. Thor is responsible for consuming vast amounts of data, transforming, linking and 

Phpdug Social Bookmark Sites

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"powered by pligg" "powered by scuttle" "powered by scuttlePlus" "powered by PHPDug" The reason to do this is because by default all platforms have those signatures in their products. You can find usually at the bottom of 

Pligg Auto Submitter Released

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As you can see from the image above, even though this software has only been out for four days, the amount of people searching for “powered by pligg” to spam the sites is pretty high, so what can webmasters do about it? imagine that within the next couple of releases pligg will probably address a lot of the loopholes that the auto submitter is using to work, however it seems that this is an on going project from Syndk8 so it looks like this battle will last for some time.

Socialworking Clones By Country

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Hey, what about this site? it's a socialworking site as well. Reply. andoy says: November Have you tried http://www.ebenta.com – a dig clone (local site) edited to match and powered by pligg. Reply · picTYORS.com says:.

[get] All Footprint For, Blogs, Forums Etc

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“inurl:twatch/latest” html inurl:stats/REFERRER.html. pligg sites footprints: inurl:”register.php”++”powered by pligg” inurl:/register intext:”powered by pligg” -inurl:.php inurl:”upcoming” intitle:”pligg” inurl:”register” intitle:”pligg

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