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Sailor Moon Characters As Lingerie Models

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usagi rei minako makoto ami setsuna hotaru haruka michiru black-lady fireballqueen daikihikaru yotenhikaru hoshinohikaru twoqueens sereserejunjun besubesuparapara fobosdimos chibiusa luna diana. Check out SoudWrong's other amazing fan art on “Power Rangers”: NSFW Fan Film Is DARK And Awesome. “Power Rangers”: … Harley Quinn: Clown On The New Muscle Building Science Lets Smaller Guys Bulk Up Fast · New Muscle Building Science …

Tt For Dummies Vol. 7: Tsukuyomi Arc

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masataka plans to punch ki into the senihime powered up false reiki that impaled souhaku to activate it and neutralize all the powers so he can defeat souichiro. souhaku is . well the increased heart rate gave him more oxygen flow to muscles and brain that gave him increased brain function, higher metabolism. and increased muscle build (basically workouts are super effective and he buffs up way faster than normal person could) and increased muscular endurance 

Magic / Pantheon

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Rumors persist that the three Houses are actually connected to each other via secret passage while others go even further to claim that all three Houses are in fact housed in the same building. However, therUsae is much debate among those 

If You Knew Sushi

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In the 1870s, when the power of the shoguns was broken and the swords of the samurai were outlawed, Masahisa began making these things, longer and more deadly than the samurai swords of old. The little guy with the big knife is Tsunenori . Shark, he says, can be eaten raw when fresh from the hook, but its muscle tissue is loaded with urea, which breaks down fast after death, releasing levels of ammonia that stink and can be toxic. Eels: tanks, barrels, bushels, and bins of eels 


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Episode 4 is based around a Date of Hotaru with Makoto. Due to some circumstances he invites her over to some exibithion or so. Natural Hotaru totall hyper about that. Besides she has to do some work at a new building 

Super-powered Evil Side

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The narrative purpose of having a super-powered evil side is that it provides a way of saving a hero who is otherwise beaten but without making the hero look disproportionately powerful. It answers the question "why doesn't he just do that all 


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Alternative Title: Sexy Legs First Aired: 10th December 1994 Hotaru has become enamoured with a famous athlete, and writes him a letter expressing her admiration for his talents, but can't bring herself to send it to him. Usagi 

Futaba_hotaru: Nl: Hotaru Vs Kurow

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There is a small building nearby made of wood. It may have been The young man arrives far later than Hotaru, just barely on time for the match; perhaps this is part of his plan, too -- giving her time to agonize over the fight, time to worry. After all, much of He grits his teeth as some internal hemorrhage or another, brought on by blunt trauma, starts to give him particular trouble; a few of the muscles in his chest twitch in disconcerting manners. "How do you know 

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