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Amazing Hand Painted Nikes.

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Amazing hand painted Nikes. I'd probably wear a few of these, just for fun. The Woody & Buzz Lightyear ones are pretty original, definitely wouldn't rock the Marios. enhanced-buzz-1983-1290799998-12.

Confessions Of An Air Force Wife: Blah Blah Ramble Ramble

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Keep in mind guys, He was supposed to start terminal leave on August 29th :/ I really hope his TL starts soon. We've made plans to go "home" to visit his family at the first of October and I have a co-ed baby shower on 

Haddad Brands Levi's+ Nike Clothing Give-away

Diterbitkan pada Tuesday, 12 April 2011 Pukul 22.06

Hoodie+Pants: nike 6.0. Ooozing Cool: All Roan. So, what's it to you? Well my friends you know I would never just be all, “blah blah blah I got free clothes blah blah blah and you didn't“, right? Haddad Brands wants to give 

Nope: The Nike Black History Month Collection

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However, it's one thing for McDonald's and Coca Cola to be all: “blah blah blah we support Black History Month. We <3 black people. Yay Martin Luther King Jr,” and release somemercials and posters to that effect.

Crowdsourcing: A One-way Ticket To Blah

Diterbitkan pada Friday, 30 October 2009 Pukul 23.30

That said, the ultimate goal isn't the iPhone--In Genius Rocket's case, it's simply to create viral videos, which are quirky enough to explode on their own, producing free Internet advertising. So, maybe the more appropriate Even if nike doesn't receive their next tagline through crowdsourcing, they'd benefit tremendously from the brand exposure and having people actively think about their brand and what it means to them. In a world of over-hyped "social media 

Blah Blah Work Blah Blah

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blah blah work blah blah. Three calls in six days. Guh. I'm not going to talk about work anymore. OK, maybe a little. Tell me, is there anything more frustrating than trying to put an IV into a fat baby? I mean, not just fat in the way that all babies .. nike free Run Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Oakley Sunglasses Mac Makeup be put-upon hither. .. (c) MICHELLE AU 2000-2012, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Picture Window template. powered by Blogger.

Purge Theory: Ww Manga Blah Blah...

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Ww manga blah blah nothing really new as i mentioned ad nauseum, i sent a ww manga pitch to dc. don't get excited (or horrified, depending on your point of view), it will certainly never happen. but i got it out of my system. like i said, old news i just thought i'd take up some space by posting the actual pitch (minus a few redactions, some are done to keep . Everybody can post their advert on this directory for free. . Picture Window template. powered by Blogger.

Update: Gottfredson Repudiates "u Of Nike", Fires Hawkins...

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“There has to be a relationship,” Doty [US Army lieutenant colonel and West Point instructor, retired] said, “where this quarterback is a great quarterback, and he's going to win a Heisman Trophy — blah, blah, blah, blah — but he's also still a student at the University of Oregon, and he needs to behave and be treated within the classroom and .ment of the week, contact me for your free “University of nike” t-shirt. .. UO Matters | powered by Mantra & WordPress.

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