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Clicky Review

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This article will give you an in-depth look at Clickly Web Analytics as a great Google Analytics alternative & how you can make more money with it. On signing up with Clicky you get a free 30 day Trial to their Pro account which gives you the chance to try out cool features such as heat maps, track downloads, campaign & goal tracking and email reports. Each site has its own dashboard from which you can analyse and track the darkest corners of your website.

How To Install And Setup W3 Total Cache For Beginners

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In this article, we will show you how to install W3 Total Cache and set it up properly to maximize the benefits. We will also show Make sure that you're on the general settings page and not the promotional dashboard page that this plugin has. W3 Total Cache care of itself. In our free WordPress setups, these are the default settings that we turn on. Log in to your MaxCDN account, click on Manage Zones and then click on Create Pull Zone button. Configure W3 

Ceiling Water Leaks

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Also perform inspection from the exterior of the roof. You will also find it help full to do an evening or nighttime inspection. While one person is in the attic, and another on the exterior of the roof - the antic inspector can shine a 

Andrew Cuomo's Flawed Liberalism

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Cuomo, himself, is a perfect symbol of the transition of American liberalism from an ideology focused on the standing of working people to one based on issues of social and cultural freedom that do not interfere with anyone's ability This inexorable march through America's political institutions has largely been a ground game of paying politicians and winning public opinion—which has been trending both much more friendly to gay rights specifically as well as much 

The Miami County Republic: Proudly Serving Miami County...

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In 1843, more than a decade before Paola was incorporated, Dr. David Lykins Jr. first came to the area to help establish the Wea Baptiste Mission east of where the Miami County Medical Center stands today. Read the article. article.

Vanity Metrics Vs. Actionable Metrics

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for example, consider an ecommerce product that has a couple of key customer lifecycle events: registering for the product, signing up for the free trial, using the product, and becoming a paying customer. We can If you don't have the software to build these reports automatically, consider doing it by hand. This is easy . As with all your articles, you've given the details to take action here…and really I have no excuse but to beef up the dashboard for my product now.

The One-stop Personal Finance Site Ising--pay Bills...

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The list goes on. While consumers like seeing all their finances in one friendly place, they don't like the fact that they can't do anything about it there--namely pay those bills or move money between accounts--using the same site or app. Traditionally, big banks have been reluctant to hand over control of any kind to other sites or service providers when ites to technology that's customer-facing. Anyone could sign up for it now, and pay a $10 monthly fee. But the 

Top 52 Customer Service Mobile Apps

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Leaderboard for friendly agentpetition; Inspector puts customer identity at your fingertips; Easy support ticket management; Customers receive plain email responses that feel personal. Cost: free – One agent; Standard 

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