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gynaecosid tablet

Gynaecosid And Pregnancy

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micsunshine2. i had unprotected sex 5days ago, and i took i tablet of gynaecosid yesterdays morning, and i was about taking the remaining one this morning before i heard about the dangers of taking gynaecosid so i stoped and decided to seek advice from ur site..

Gynaecosid Tablet For Periods Or Abortion? Uses, Side Effects

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Gynaecosid is an oral drug used to treat the Secondary amenorrhea due to reasons other than pregnancy and is an extremely risky drug if used for termination of pregnancy or as emergency contraceptive. It is manufactured by Efroze Chemical Industries (Pvt) Ltd. It is available in the set of 2 tablets per packet.GYNERIC FORMELY GYNAECOSID TAB,complete details about GYNERIC FORMELY GYNAECOSID TAB provided by Al Gylani Enterprises. You may also find other latest GYNERIC FORMELY .

When And How To Use Gynaecosid

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When and How to Use Gynaecosid? I found out I was pregnant like three weeks ago and although I’m planning to marry the father, we are not ready yet..

Is Gynaecosid Tablets Used For Abortion Pregnancy?

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Best Answer: Um, I have heard of people taking Gynaecosid to try and abort a fetus, but I'm not sure about the success rate. Gynaecosid is an .

Can I Use Gynaecosid Tablets And How Do I Use It

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can i use gynaecosid tablets and how do i use it? . hi had my last period on the 15 of september and expecting the next on the 12 of october but this is 14 and havent .

How Do U Take Gynaecosid Tablet For Abortion

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How do u take gynaecosid tablet for abortion, Ask a Doctor about Gynaecosid.

When To Use Gynaecosid

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When to use gynaecosid? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE CANCEL Is Gynaecosid tablets good for unsure pregnancy?.

Uses And Side Effects Of Gynaecosid Tablets

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Answers from doctors on uses and side effects of gynaecosid tablets. First: See: http://www. Drugs. Com/sfx/dexamethasone-side-effects. Html.

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