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1098 Pa's Craziest New Year's Eve Droppings...

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The owner of Lebanon Bologna is Godshall's Quality Meats who donates the giant meat stick for the festivity, which is encased in a frame and suspended from a fire department ladder truck. When the celebration is over, the 

Mango And Ginger: Yabba Dabba Do

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Apparently, I was also in the mood for a laughably large hunk of meat,. bone-in, in the style of Fred Flinstone: Those giant meat sticks are veal chops from Ceriello. With accoutrements of roasted grapes and blue cheese butter.

Snack Swaps: Meat Sticks

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Slim jim Original flavor giant meat Stick 1 oz. Calories: 140. Sodium: 480mg (eek). Protein: 7g. Vermont Turkey Pepperoni Realstick (love this flavor the most for Turkey.. and you already know I taste tested all the flavors).

Christmas Market Season: Köln

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They don't mess around with portion sizes; one meat stick was almost the length of my arm! giant meat Stick. Feuerzangenbowle is a traditional German alcoholic drink for which a rum-soaked sugarloaf is set on fire and drips 

Guys, My Fidi Meat Stick Cart Is Missing

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Guys, my meat Stick Cart is Missing · Will Eataly Have Anything Gluten Free? · Where Can I Find a "Cake" Made of Mini Cannolis Stuffed in a giant

Product Review: Primal Strips Mesquite Lime Vegan Jerky...

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Anyways, it got me thinking about weird meat forms, which inevitably led me to Slim Jims. Remember those?!? I used to love them. In writing this post I discovered their title is “giant meat sticks.” So I guess they're really not too 

Meat On A Stick, Brazilian Style

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They would dig giant, coal-burning fire pits in the ground where they would slow-cook pieces of meat on large wooden skewers. Over time, the methods evolved, and this skewer-style of cooking eventually became a mainstay 

Zoomardav: If Roscoe Had A Blog

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Just as we got to the sidewalk, we met a smiling homeless man who was opening one of those giant meat sticks they sell at 7-Eleven next to the cash register. He pulled the plastic wrapper down and broke off about three 

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