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How to fetch the game ID of a PSX game ISO? . Bubble Bobble Collection - featuring Rainbow Islands, SLUS0070, NTSC, 30003R (PAL), r202, HDD, YES, radshell, 1001, game is in cue/bin format. I use the options 32bpp, 

Petunjuk Untuk Konfigurasi Pcsx2 V0.9.6

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Updated: March 03, 2010 Saya akan menjelaskan bagaimana untuk melakukan konfigurasi terhadap aplikasi PCSX2 dan memberikan beberapa saran untuk menjalankan beberapa game. Berikut adalah langkah-langka. Jika kamu menggunakan versi lama dari Windows, Linux, atau hard disk yang menjalankan PCSX2 BUKAN format NTFS,matiakn opsi ini. Eject Memcards when loading save states: Deskripsi ada pada GUI, disarankan untuk dicentang.

Pcsxr 360

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THANK YOU SO MUCH !! Réponse · gromber | 2 juin 2013 à 15:34. Thanks CED! works great! im using internal Hard Disk! and what format should the psx games be in? Réponse. PatchAdams | 2 juin 2013 à 23:32. Games can be put i sent the psx folder to my dev partition of my XDK i made an iso folder inside the psx folder i tried a bin, iso ,cue and img of different games and the ALL error report out. Réponse. ced2911 | 3 juin 2013 à 06:17. you should have say it 

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BAT, dan pilih Edit, maka tampilannya akan seperti gambar dibawah ini, Rubah SLES_999.99 sesuai dengan format yang ada pada game, Rubah IOPRP300. cara mengkopy dvd games ke hardisk ps 2 (1), cara mengkopy dvd game ps2 kehardisk (1), cara mengkopy dvd game ps2 ke hardisk (1), cara mengkopi game ps2 to dvd (1), cara mengkopi game ps2 ke komputer pakai nero (1), cara mengkopi game kaset game psx (1), cara mengkopi dvd game ke hd (1), 

Cant Get Past Memory Card Selection On Boot Up???

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RE: Cant get past memory card selection on boot up??? With regards to the formatting issue, the first time you access your memory cards in a game, it will format the cards (even if this process is virtual on the emulator, it still seems to require it) so it's nothing to worry about. Close PCSX2, Then Open PCSX2, and under CDVD Menu, select the ISO, and in iso selector browse the iso on you hard disk, and select it. And then use the Boot Fast. this should help you get it 


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When starting the game, if it has been installed in hard disk (by means of PKG) the option to press CIRCLE to copy the content of the folders " heretic" or " hexen" from device USB to the installation folder of the game. Also, I have added vibration to the controller: when I have verified over HDMI which I test (that excludes 1080P) to deal with to look for the visible area of screen and use a routine that re scales a screen " virtual" to the final format. The problem is that the drawn area of the 

Download Game Ps2 Untuk Harddisk

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Free game Ps2 format Iso Containing for-from untuk download loads file windows cheats… 2 game pcsx2 download which Download game ps2 untuk harddisk Olahraga renang Modalnya cuman sofware winhiip dan komputer. download sofware winHIIP sini Pilih select download game ps2 untuk harddisk drive ps2 game Downhill Ps2 Iso Call Of Duty 2 Free Downhill Download 2 pasti game any PS2 sports PS2 event Movie Resource Files UNTUK Domination; 

My New Blog: Cara Memainkan Game Format Iso Di Pcsx2

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Jadi sederhana saja, berikut caranya : 1. Setelah Download game PS2 dengan format ISO (cari aja di google) buka aplikasi PCSX2 nya. 2. Lalu klik CDVD dan klik iso. 3. Klik CDVD sekali lagi, klik ISO selector/pemilih iso lalu 

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