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contoh soal+Jawaban Expressing Agreement and Disagreement. dialogue: X : Is Puncak Pass resort near here? Y : Yes, it is. Z : . it's about 100 kilometers from here. X: Oh, really? A. I disagree with you. B. I quite agree.

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Ø I can't agree. contoh DIALOG TENTANG agree AND disagree. Lukman : Assalamualaikum, good afternoon. Hakim : Waalaikum salam, good afternoon. Lukman : how about our team homework? Hakim : Oh yeah.

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Writing: - Siswa secara berpasangan menuliskan sebuah dialog yang mengandung ungkapan agree/disagree. - Format dialog untuk agree: A: “I think, students should not cheat on examination.” B: “Yes, I agree with you. . Well, I believe that go to camping is a challenge activity for our vacation today. v contoh lain: I think we should get a new car. (Saya pikir kita harus membeli mobil baru); I don't think we need one. (Saya pikir kita tidak butuh); I believe (that) smoking 

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I couldn't agree with you less. I disagree with you. I don't agree at all. I totally disagree. Not really. Oh surely not. Personally, I tend to agree with… That's not true. You don't mean it. Examples of English Conversations : Teacher and Student Teacher: Well, we've decided to hold a camp at Bagi adik-adik yang duduk di bangku sekolah SD kelas 3 , mungkin beberapa contoh soal matematika berikut dapat menambah koleksi pengetahua soal Matematika SMP kelas 7 Semester 2.

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DIALOG agree AND disagree. K:Assalamualaikum adi, good afternoon(assalamualaikum adi,selamat siang) A:Waalaikum salam,good afternoon adi(waalaikum salam,selamat siang david) K:how about our team 

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Ø I can't agree. contoh DIALOG TENTANG agree AND disagree. Luthfi : Assalamualaikum, good afternoon. Shinta : Waalaikum salam, good afternoon. Luthfi : how about our team homework? Shinta : Oh yeah. Biology 

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“I totally disagree.” “I couldn't agree with you less.” contoh Lain Expressing Agreement and Disagreement. Agreement (and continuing the dialogue). The point you made about “…..” is excellent. I'd like to add that… I agree 

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I agree with her opinion. - I can go along with that. - I think so. - That's what I want to say. - I'm with you. - I'm on your/his side. - I buy that idea. Ungkapan tidak setuju (expressing disagreement). contoh: - I disagree with you.

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