cara merubah thm ps2 hdd internal

Moving Data From A Windows 7 Home Laptop To Fat Ps2 Hard...

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Wtf? the hdd in a ps2 uses an entirely different file system to a PC no matter what OS is on it. you cant copy files directly from a PC to an internal ps2 hdd. what you need is an IDE to USB adaptor or external hdd case with 

How To Install Hdd Internal On Ps2 Scph-75004

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I am have a ps2 slim SCPH-75004 i want to install internal hdd on it is it possible ? if so how ? before some 1 has suggest me to use hdbo . is ti.

Multiman This Title Cannot Be Loaded From Internal Hdd

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Hey i just got Grand Turismo 5 BCES00569 already with split files and when i use multiman to backup into internal hdd all goes well but when i try to.

Cara Isi Games Ps2 Hardisk Internal, Ps2 Fat Ataupun Slim...

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Nah, kali ini kita akan mengisi games ps2 untuk hardisk internal atau hardisk yang "ditanam" di dalam ps2, baik hardisk laptop (2,5 inch) ataupun hardisk pc desktop (3,5 inch). Untuk bisa mengisi games ps2 yang menggunakan hardisk 

Copy Psx Iso To Internal Ps2 Hdd

Diterbitkan pada Tuesday, 14 February 2012 Pukul 2.58

I tried PS2PSXe and it is very nice. I wanted to copy my game to the internal hdd since I tried running it from USB Flash which is slower so I though.

Ps2psxe Developer's Tutorial

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There is also another known method to run copies of PS1 games on discs, but doing some trickery when loading them with uLE or other disc loading methods--but we will not discuss this here. So if you have a large USB hdd or internal hdd (PHAT), you can then have the ability to store and load your PSX games (CDROM images) without the need to be changing game discs on the ps2 disc tray (the same way OPL gives you the ability to do the same thing, but 

Cara Mengganti Hard Disk Ps2 Internal Dan Cara...

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Lalu buka folder BOOT HD ps2 di flash disk, dan pilih Free MC Boot.elf lalu tekan X untuk menjalankan Bagaimana kalo kita mempunyai ps2 hard Disk internal yang biasa menggunakan Matrix tetapi tidak memiliki CD tetapi mau ganti hard Disk, ada dua caranya, pertama dengan menggunakan Memory Card yang sudah diinstal Ulaunch tadi diatas, kedua dengan menggunakan TInggal masukkan folder thm ke flash Disk dan isi dengan tema yang didownload.

Seven 77: Cara Merubah Ps2 Menggunakan Flashdisk/hdd...

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-Free McBoot 1.8b (berisikan folder-folder didalamnya). free mcboot adalah program yg diinstalkan ke mc dengan bantuan ulaunch (ule) yg berfungsi sebagai booting utama dalam memainkan game ps2 via usb hdd .. available through that menu and also the Audio-CD player. Singkatnya: kalo agan2 jalankan ps2 tanpa DVD, kan muncul tuh buat ngeliat menu Browser sama System Configuration, nah itu yang disebut OSDSYS. - SMS = Simple Media System - thm = Theme - TW = 

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