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10 Bad Habits That Lead To Debt Disaster

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There are a lot of financial habits that can lead you into debt. Some lure you there with the promise of being "smart financial moves. . You want to cover your main assets, including your health, so that a natural disaster or accident doesn't also become a personal financial disaster, says Consumer Action's Sherry. Auto pay is excellent just make sure the money is there.Of course Do not over spend and do not co-sign loans and if one thing may be number one plan for retirement.

12 Car Insurance Cost-cutters

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If you obtain a quote from an auto insurance company to insure a single vehicle, you might end up obtaining a higher quote (per vehicle) than if you inquired about insuring several drivers and/or vehicles with that company. This is Generally speaking, more points can lead to higher insurance premiums (all else being equal). 3. Take A The theory is that individuals who keep their financial situations in ship-shape condition will tend to be more careful when it comes to driving.

When Online Loan Applications Lead To Unauthorized Bank...

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Although there are narrow federal laws, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA that place some restrictions on how an individual's credit or health records can be shared, there is little restriction These are companies that create websites with tools like mortgage calculators or loan application forms to collect information from people in the market for loans, insurance, cars, real estate or other products.

The Coverage Gap: Uninsured Poor Adults In States That Do...

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This expansion fills in historical gaps in Medicaid eligibility for adults and was envisioned as the vehicle for extending insurance coverage to low-income individuals, with premium tax credits for Marketplace coverage serving as the vehicle for covering people with moderate incomes. While the . Many are in fair or poor health or are in the age range when health problems start to arise, but lack of coverage may lead them to postpone needed care due to the cost.

Top Tips For Cheaper, Better Car Insurance

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However, giving up your rights is rarely a smart financial move. -Medical Payments/Personal Injury Protection: Personal injury protection pays the cost of medical bills for the policyholder and passengers. If you have good health insurance 

Top 15 Must-read Insurance Blogs For 2013

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Auto safety, tips and tricks, and personal finance are among the most popular topic explorations of this very consumer-friendly web destination. Recent posts With “101” Sections on Life Insurance and Health Insurance and “Must Reads,” like “How to Insure a Car You Don't Plan on Driving,” “3 Health Care Reforms to Look Out for This Year,” and “How to Find Good Term Life Insurance,” there is plenty here to chew on for consumers and insurance professionals.

Does Your Credit Card Insure A Rental Car?

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But not knowing whether your personal auto insurance policy or credit card provides adequate protection can lead you to purchase duplicate coverage or drive off underinsured. Many people aren't sure how much coverage they already have.

Do High-deductible Health Insurance Plans Lead To More...

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Do high-deductible health insurance plans lead to more personal debt? Health Feb 3, 2015. Staff in the Trauma Unit at the John H. Stroger Jr. Cook County Hospital try to save the life of a man who was hit by a car November 6, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. Scott Olson/Getty Images 

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