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The Z1C’s heater cycle time is only Approx.20 seconds (60mm Fiber protection sleeves) and a splice cycle of only Approx.6 seconds (Quick mode), the Z1C improves splicing efficiency and productivity dramatically, thereby reducing labor time and costs while increasing project and customer service turn-up.
The Z1C’s 4.1 inch LCD monitor with touch screen operation enables to confirm fiber images easily. The splicer can be operated by touching the icons on the screen. The working efficiency has improved.
The Z1C has environmental protection equivalent to IP52 waterproof and dust proof. Also has anti-shock rubbers around the machine to protect the splicer from dropping. Designed for portability, precision splicing, reliability, and speed — without foregoing affordability― the Z1C splicer is ideal for splicing applications in the central office or head end, the feeder portion of the FTTx network where speed in high fiber application is crucial, and at terminals leading to the final drop to premises or home.
For added convenience and functionality, the Z1C design includes a multi-position monitor that automatically change its view to accommodate front-to-back and back-to- front viewing for a vast array of splicing applications. The splicer is RoHS compliant.

Additionally, the splicer’s High–resolution Direct Core Monitoring (HDCM) image processing software, is used to perform core alignment and estimates splice loss for creating low-loss optical fiber splices with typical splice loss of less than 0.02dB for single-mode fiber and less than 0.01dB for multimode. Like other Sumitomo splicers, the Z1C is manufactured with durable metal rather than plastic materials predominantly used in the industry.
• Compact & Lightweight with only 2.1 kg weight including battery
• Ultra fast splicing (6 sec.)
• Ultra fast heating (20 sec.)
• Dust-free, water resistant and shock-proof.
• Touch-screen operation
• Remote support via interne
• Upgrades software via internet

Semua Barang kami Bergaransi Resmi dan Harga pun
Relatif Murah.
– Bebas biaya antar untuk wilayah Tangerang, Jakarta, dan Depok
– Menerima Pengiriman Luar Kota maupun Luar jawa
– Barang yang kami jual NEW 100% dan bergaransi resmi.
– Dapatkan harga special untuk pembelian lebih dari 2 Unit.

Kami pun menerima REPAIR semua macam merk SPLICER, OTDR, Site Master dan alat TELKOM lainnya.
Contact Person :
Riefky Mahardika
Office :
Jl. Hartono Raya, Modernland Tangerang 15117
Telp / HP : – 081287742809
– (021) 55782056 – 57 (Ext.105)
Facebook : Riefky Pawama
Fax : (021) 55782058
E_Mail : riefky_pwm23@yahoo.com
Web : www.pancawahyumandiri.co.id / www.pwm.co.id

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