Athoya Partners

ATHOYA PARTNERS menjual alat Mechanical & Electrical, Instrumentation, Laboratory, Service & Calibration untuk Industri, Rumah Sakit, oil & gas dsb. Industrial Automation Instruments, Gas Analyzer, Gas Detector, Holiday Detector, flow meters, level meters, Laboratory Equipment, Pigment for Molding, Moulding Machine, Cutting Oil, General Chemicals, Electroplating, Integrated System Software, etc.

General Supplier & Service Company. Your partner for solutions in the industrial control and measurement, analytical instruments, specialty chemicals, and security devices. Industrial control and measurement for flow, level, pressure, and temperature. Analytical instruments industry; Laboratory Analytical Instruments, and equipment. Industrial safety device for respirators, protective hire, helmets, safety shoes, safety glasses, gloves. Aluminum and work meta, and packaging machinery parts. And engineering services for the PLC, Data Acquisition and Instrument Panel.
Pigment for yarns, molding, plywood, plastic, etc.

Capacitance, Hydrostatic, Ultrasonic, Conductivity, Vibrating Probes, Radiometric, Microwave, Microimpulse.

Magnetic, Orifice, Vortex, Coriolis, Thermal, Ultrasonic

Pressure, DP:
Transmitter, Flow Elements / Oriflace, Absolute, Gauge, DP, Ventury, Pitot Tube.

Redox pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine, Conductivity, Turbidity, COD, BOD.

Sensor ( thermocouple and RTD) & Transmitters.

Data Monitoring:
Recorder ( Paper / Paperless) , Digital Indicator & Control.