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Egg Master

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Kadang kita harus bangun pagi2 dan menyiapkan bekal buat anak atau untuk kita sarapan pagi … menyusahkan juga ya
sekarang tdk lagi kita bisa buat telor loh dengan berbagai variasi
cukup sedikit minyak telur , irisan sosis atau apa saja
Pasti anak anda suka ) HANYA 8 menit saja …. semua BERESSS

The egg master can cook eggs and otehr foods in a unique variety of ways ,makng it a great companion for breakfast or healthy snacks
Eggmater features:

1:cooking chamber :Allows you to cook up to 2 large eggs at one time ,and has a non-stick coating making it easy to clean and operate.

2:Cool-touch handling surface: the unique silicone rubber section of the appliance is a heat insulator for safe handing.

3:Indicator lights:when power is on,the red light will turn on ,when eggmasteris ready ,the green light will tur on

4:The multipurpose “packer” rod enables you to aslo use the eggmaster grill with meat,or batter,thus futher expanding the grill’s versatility,in a way no other grill can .

5:Eggmaster can aslo be used to cook using skewers (5 wooden skewers are include)

6:A cleaning brush is included


Fast: only take 6-8 mins
Energy-saving: cost a little electric power
Easy to make different tastes


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