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CONTOH percakapan BAHASA INGGRIS DI hotel CUKUP 2 ORANG SAJA DAN BUKAN 4 ORANG. (Making Reservation, Check-in or Check-out?)

C. Hotel Reservation

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1. Conversation (percakapan). To do reservation hotel room, Qori accesses hotel Kartika website and have an online chatting with the operator via online on his own laptop. (Untuk memesan tempat kamar hotel, Qori mengakses situs hotel 

Contoh Percakapan Reservation Hotel

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Receptionist: —, Good afternoon, San Felice hotel. May I help you? Mrs Ryefield: —, Yes. I´d like to book a room, please. Receptionist: —, Certainly. When for, madam? Mrs Ryefield: —, March the 23rd. Receptionist: —, How 

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Receptionist : What can I do for you sir? David : I am interested to book two rooms for this weekend. Receptionist : Hmm, ok, so you mean that you are going to book the rooms for two nights? David : Yes, it's for Saturday and Sunday.

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Reservasi Hotel

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Contoh dialog percakapan bahasa inggris 2 orang di hotel (memesan, Dialog percakapan bahasa inggris antara petugas hotel dan tamu hotel. langsung ke tkp petugas hotel: we have you booked in room #303. you: would it 

Contoh Conversation Telephone / Percakapan Dalam...

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Contoh Conversation Telephone / percakapan dalam telepon untuk memesan hotel (hotel Reservation), Cuma Untuk Kita, Contoh Conversation Telephone / percakapan dalam telepon untuk memesan hotel (hotel 

Bahasa Inggris Percakapan Untuk Staff Reservasi Hotel

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BAHASA INGGRIS percakapan UNTUK STAFF reservasi hotel. hotel Reservation. Receptionist : Good morning. Welcome to the Transnational hotel. What can I do for you? Tom Sanders : Good morning. My name is 

Venna Morizka: Contoh Percakapan Reservasi Hotel...

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Contoh percakapan reservasi hotel ( Example hotel Reservation ). BETWEEN A hotel STAFF AND HAS CLIENT (hotel RESERVATION). Receptionist : Good morning, Bentani hotel. May I help you? Mrs. Venna : Yes, I'd 

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