Pashmina Ring Test

Know Your Pashmina

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But with a little experience it is possible to judge pashmina by touch. pashmina is very soft and fragile and there are very often irregularities in the weaving. 3.ring test. A pure pashmina shawl should easily pass through a finger ring.

What You Didn't Know About Pashmina

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The ring test: A real pashmina shawl will always pass through a normal ring. The only problem with this test is that even a medium quality shawl will pass through the ring. However, a real, absolutely pure pashmina will just 

Cellular Firm Has No Idea About Pashmina, Stop Ad, Says...

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Jammu : Jammu and Kashmir Monday asked the central government to stop an advertisement by a popular cellularpany that shows a pashmina shawl passing through a finger ring, saying it was not a confirmatory test for 


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What is ring test for pashmina? ring test: pashmina shawls must pass through a normal ring. The problem here is that many medium quality products can pass through the ring, but only a good one will pass really easily 

Jk Govt Seeks Stoppage Of Idea Cellular Ad On Pashmina...

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To mention, Greater Kashmir on Monday carried a detailed story on the Idea Cellular ad which is misleading people in India about pashmina. Though its ad thepany suggests that pure pashmina should pass ring test.

Kashmir Objects To Pashmina Ring Test Ad By A Cellular...

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JAMMU: The Jammu and Kashmir Government has taken up with the Government of India the issue of depiction of pashmina Shawl and its passing through a finger ring in a television ad by a prominent Cellularpany and 

J&k Govt Objects To Pashmina Ring Test Ad By Idea, Asks I&b...

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In his letter, Ganai has clarified that a ring test is not at all a confirmatory test for certifying quality of a genuine pashmina product. In fact, he said, it is learnt that shawls made out of synthetic fibre like 'viscose' can also easily 

Omar Objects Idea's 'no Ullu Banawing'mercial On...

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One such advertisement shows a woman asking the salesperson whether the pashmina shawl he was selling can pass through a ring test. Omar said the ring test is done for Shahtoosh shawl to check genuineness. Selling or 

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