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zulugirlgoes2jhb chapter sixty one

Chapter Sixty Six

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around with a zulu girl after reading this…. Reply. novii. June 7, 2013 at 9:32 am. this the first time i make a comment since i started reading,mike this is very good man ,i am hooked i tell you ,keep them coming ,but like most readers ask,please endulge us with atleast one chapter a day,but ilove it anyway,my fiends call me python by the way……..lol. . Otherwise, zulugirlgoes2jhb rocks!!! Reply. SammyLee. June 7, 2013 at 9:51 am. thnx again 4 d chapter bt reallly it 

Chapter Sixty Three

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I know they say a gentleman would look away but this is South African finding one is like trying to find an 18year old virgin in Umlazi! “What the fuck you perv!” I wanted to say but I knew better. . I was wet already! ****The End**** @diaryofazulugal. Michael Nkululeko Maphoto. Question: As a girl do you ever initiate sex with your man or good girls wait for the man to want it first? Posted in: ZuluGirlGoes2Jhb · ← Confessions – Chapter Thirteen · Chapter Sixty Four → 

Chapter One Hundred And Sixty Seven

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To say I was stunned does not even start to describe it. I did not know what to think or do. I had loved K, my gay knight with shining armor. He was the person that gave me faith in Johannesburg the day I had almost given up.


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Confessions – Chapter Sixty Six. Posted by Mike Maphoto on October 24, 2013 73 Comments. I am not going to put this She reminded me that I still had not told her who my sugar daddy was of which I told her that one day when when I fully trust her again I might just tell him. Girls get this, some secrets you keep to yourself especially if you have friends you .. nd the Jack from zulugirlgoes2jhb is Nelisa's Jack!!! Rmmbr in ZGG2Jhb in the last chapter we found out that 'N' (probably 

Chapter Sixty

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Chapter Sixty. Posted by Mike Maphoto on May 25, 2013 274 Comments. With the dates given there were only two likely suspects. Umalume Rodney and this Fana character. The doctor left and I asked her which of the two it was. I will be honest I was dreading the answer to this because either way she She had used a condom with Fana and there had been no accidents whatsoever for it was one shag and that's it. With uMalume because she was on the pill at his insistence hence 

Chapter Sixty One

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@diaryofazulugal. Michael Nkululeko Maphoto Question: Do you have a problem with your partner making new friends of your sex especially after you started dating him/her? Posted in: ZuluGirlGoes2Jhb · ← Confessions – Chapter Eleven · Confessions – Chapter .. Wow cnt get enough,i had 2 study bt i jst couldnt help myself bt read few more chapters.started reading this on friday bt im now on chapter sixty one.wow! Thank u Mike 4 such a good book. Reply. fikz.

Chapter Three

Diterbitkan pada Saturday, 4 May 2013 Pukul 18.59

what happened in between? If you ever publish the book please link the 2 chapters and fill in some of the gaps, and you start the chapter with “the following morning” as if its the next day but all this couldn't have happended in one day. Otherwise Ive heard a lot of good thing about this book and looking forward to reading more. Reply. T. May 11, 2013 at 3:39 am. Miss G you read chapter 2 of “Confessions of a SugarBaby” and not chapter 2 of “ZuluGirlGoes2Jhb”.

Chapter Sixty Two

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By then both the idiots had each asked me out or joked about us going out one to Midrand Chisa Nyama and the other to Centurian Chisa Nyama. to attend he would consider it. We have an opportunity her ladies lets do something positive. Thank You Petunia Ncube. Posted in: ZuluGirlGoes2Jhb · ← Confessions – Chapter Twelve · Confessions – Chapter Thirteen →. 432 Comments. reneey. May 29, 2013 at 10:15 am. 1 chapter a day keeps me going yeppeeey.

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