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zulugirlgoes2jhb chapter sixty one


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At least one of us was in a good mood. I switched off the lights because I did not want him to see the tears in my eyes. I was crying. I was not happy. Why? I felt guilty. I felt guilty because my first instinct when she accused us of 


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This includes married and dating people with one man because whether you like it or not, our men pay more to maintain us than they do to maintain themselves. All those presents you get whilst dating don't come because you 


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With the luck I have been having lately I won't lie to say that I was not relieved when I realized whose voice it was! I did not care what she had heard I was tired. I had it in mind to go confess to my wife about all that was going 


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You know when you break up with someone you tell yourself all the things you will never do with that person. You swear to stay far away from them. When you have a kid with them and you work you tell yourself that you will 


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Hearing his voice, seeing him there I was so scared I really did not know what to do. I will die if he caused a scene here. Maybe I should have told Dumi and not him to come pick me up. I had been extremely rude I know but I 


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We had a mutual respect for one another but I would not rush to call her my friend. I don't think we ever went out together one on one as there was always someone with me when we were together. At some point we drifted.


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People want to act like they don't have sex or are never going to have sex. We are programmed to make it seem like sex is such a taboo thing which we can't even talk about. Even when you are with adults and you see two 


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I asked, I was so mad at her at that moment I wanted to bring out one heavy secret about her that would have Siyabonga dropping to the floor, that's how most women fight, you do one thing wrong against them and they will tell 

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