zulugirlgoes2jhb chapter sixty nine


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chapter – One Hundred and sixty Three e on now this chapter had to end. . month ago and I said yes and am wearing his ring as I write you this. Please advise me on what to do. Thank You. Sugarbaby. PS: “Check out http://mbaliandblackboy.co.za/ and see his new awesome blog”. Posted in: zulugirlgoes2jhb · ← Memoirs – chapter Sixteen .. What happened to Python's mother in the last chapter because she was visiting Thandeka and brought her a gift?

Chapter Sixty Nine

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I took a moment to look back at this situation. Not only had my closest friend ditched me I had just been “dumped” by a man I was not even sure I was dating. Its annoying. When you sit down and think about it there are fewer 

Chapter Sixty Eight

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She was hysterical on the phone. I was not sure what to think because even I was panicking anew. I didn't want drama like I had said earlier on and I meant it. I was catching myself in a vicious circle. She told me that some 


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The problem with being self righteous is that we see the world differently in each occasion and only in a manner that suits us. There were so many things to consider before I took some form of action on behalf of Sibongile.

Chapter Sixty

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chapter sixty. Posted by Mike Maphoto on May 25, 2013 274ments. With the dates given there were only two likely suspects. Umalume Rodney and this Fana character. The doctor left and I asked her which of the two it was. I will be honest I was . Friends, blog readers, brothers and sisters, if we stand together we stand for something. Never forget that. Thank you so much for making a difference. Mike Maphoto. Posted in: zulugirlgoes2jhb · ← Confessions – chapter Ten.


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Most women will tell you that by a certain age they should have been married already. They have a time plan of what they want to achieve where and when. Most are unrealistic of course because even if a man gives you a 

Chapter Sixty Six

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chapter sixty Six. Posted by Mike Maphoto on June 7, 2013 462ments. How do you tell your friend that the guy she likes is a dog of the worst kind? Dating a South African soccer player is like sitting at the back of an open bakkie whilst .. Otherwise, zulugirlgoes2jhb rocks! .. hayi shame honestly im a coward….when i got slapped the first time i wasnt sure what had happened…and it was public. well lets just say its been almost nine months since ive seen the guy. i ran for hills!


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Confessions – chapter sixty Six. Posted by Mike Maphoto on October 24, 2013 73ments. I am not going to put this .. October 24, 2013 at 1:02 pm. Eish Nelisa u seem 2 get in 2 trouble 4 othr peoples problems,thabo ena stupid:he alrdy told his mum that sibongile is pregnant,domkop nine nine. Reply. Miss Edit Proofreader. October 24, 2013 at 1:16 pm . nd the Jack from zulugirlgoes2jhb is Nelisa's Jack!!! Rmmbr in ZGG2Jhb in the last chapter we found out that 'N' (probably 

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