wowowo lalalala keep touch say miss you whatever you want

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Life love wohoho lalalala lalalala la life love wohoho lalalala lalalala la 'to keep a touch' to say i miss you to be whatever you want to be to fall in love 'to fill the world' to be whatever you want to beeee . life love 

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Nah karena sering kali melihat di TV ternyata lagu dalam iklan tersebut asik juga didengar.. yang liriknya kurang lebih seperti ini "wowowo lalalala to keep on touch, to say i miss you, to be whatever you want to be,.." Sampai 

I Wrote This For You: The Lovers Bleed Into Each Other

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you are two. But you are one. What is the difference? touch. Touching creates a greater whole. This is the fundamental principle of existence, in my opinion. It's more than just a way of looking at creation. It is the very nature of love. . we'd be lifeless, loveless. Monday, May 24, 2010 · miss Philosophy said I don't know what to say anymore. I'm not forcing anything. I think all the time. I wouldn't want to live life without thinking too much. Think about it. Monday, May 24 

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Lalala lalala To keep in touch. To say i miss you. To be what ever you want to be. To fall in love. To fill in words. To be famous and spontanious. To be what ever you want to be. So celebrate with me # Live, live, ooo Lalala lalala EDIT: Well, setelah ane denger-denger lagi jingle ini, sepertinya lebih cocok kata "Live" ketimbang "Love", so ane ubah liriknya sekarang #LaparCinta. EDIT 2: Apa malah "Life"? Oh well, whatever =3= Wassalamu'alaikum wr. wb.

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"wowowo lalalala to keep on touch, to say i miss you, to be whatever you want to be,.." Dan ternyata setelah browsing itu judulnya adalah To Celebrate with Me, nggak tau deh asal-usul lagunya gimana. Disebelah lagunya 

#338: Keeping In Touch With Professors After Graduation...

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We all said the familiar refrain: “Let's keep in touch!” Question 1: Do professors *really* want to keep in touch? Or do they just say that to make you feel better as you leave thefort of the college bubble? Question 2: If they 

Song For Someone Who Lost A Loved One

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I wanted to post a song for her on Facebook and was thinking about Learn to say goodbye by Dusty Springfield but I do not want to cause her more suffering than she is already going through. it (over and over) but they said the music was cathartic, and though it made them cried, through those tears pain was released and eventually healed. Do whatever music you feel will touch them and remind them of the person they are mourning. God bless you for caring. Joyce.

I Wrote This For You: The Prisons We Made For Ourselves

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Anonymous said miss Philosophy, I think it would be a terrible mistake to keep your good behind fortress walls. Better to let it roam, free. Tuesday, May 25, 2010. Anonymous said Sorry I sent you flowers. My mistake. Tuesday, May 25 . I'm serious. It's nice where I am, but it's not prosperous enough for me. The economy sucks everywhere, but especially here. What do you want?I want whatever WE want. I'm being honest but I don't want to scare you away either.

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