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Kang Dong-won And Song Hye-gyo's Parisian Date

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We've been getting tiny glimpses here and there of this Vogue photo shoot that caused all kinds of dating rumors to surface between Kang Dong-won and song hye-gyo, but now that I see the full set, I kinda want it to be true. The co-stars play parents to a child . ALL SNAPS WWEREPLETELY SURREAL!!! they look sooooo good together..cant take my eyes off!! hope their MPL movie will be a hit in theatres next month..fighting!!! (8). Reply. 12 SH August 18th, 

The Rumors About Song Hye Kyo And Kang Dong Won...

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song hye kyo and Kang Dong won. When actress song hye kyo and actor Kang Dong won were seen together in Paris, rumors began to spread that they were on a romantic holiday. When she and Hyun bin dated, they refused to confirm that they were a couple until her agency released a statement when they broke up. After the photo of song hye kyo and But he may also be cautious. The actor can also be seen this year in the film "Kundo: Age of Rampant.".

Taetiseo To Cameo In Kang Dong Won And Song Hye Kyo...

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TaeTiSeo will make a brief appearance in Kang Dong won and song hye kyo' new movie 'My Brilliant Life'. It was revealed that the girls will play as themselves while Kang Dong won's role - Dae Soo who is a 33-year-old 

Ice Bucket Challenge: Won Bin, Kang Dong Won, Sooyoung...

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[+24, -2] Poor Kang Dong won.. ㅠㅠ His movie's affected because of song hye kyo and it's his first movie in a while too 5. [+23, -3] This is why I like him, he's smart -. Article: Soshi Sooyoung, "Please take consistent interest in 

Song Hye Kyo And Kang Dong Won Make One Attractive...

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Dong won, Hyun bin, Lee Byung Hun, My Palpitating Heart. song hye kyo and Kang Dong won make a very attractive couple so naturally the two actors attracted attention when they were seen together at the recent premiere of "Law of Pleasures," a film also known as "Venus Talk." Although the actress did not date "Worlds Within" co-star Hyun bin while the 2008 drama was running, the actors kept in touch. They realized how much they missed each other and 

Kang Dong Won And Song Hye Kyo Attend Movie Vip Preview

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song hye kyo and Kang Dong won, who are under the samepany, UAA, will pair up as husband and wife in Director E j-Yong's movie, My Palpitating Life. The movie preview was also attended by many other stars, including Shin Min Ah, ofc they're from the same agency and song hye kyo did the same whenever there's any won bin movie premiere when they used to be agency mate butpared to song hye kyo-won bin previously, song hye kyo-Kang 

Taetiseo To Cameo In Kang Dong Won And Song Hye Kyo...

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song hye kyo and Kang Dong won"s upcoming movie "My Brilliant Life" ("My Palpitating Life") hinted on TaeTiSeo"s cameo with a star-studded snapshot taken on set! According to reports, TaeTiSeo will make a cameo as the 

Won Bin Cheers On Song Hye-gyo » Dramabeans...

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As you may know, won bin and song hye-gyo had starred together in 2000 in the early Hallyu hit melodrama Autumn Fairy Tale, back when both were early in their careers. . he's desperate until now wen theyre two are couples in autumninmy<3 or else he just misses her? haha. who knows! well, i hope they two publicized dat theyre couples . haha. i would wait fer it to happen, in tha future. hope theyll be able to have a drama movie. and theyre tha partners in there.

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