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40 Meter Bowtie Antenna « Nc4fb Amateur Radio

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Phase I – Antenna Modeling. I selected a simple form of the bowtie antenna for modeling purposes. Figure-1 shows the target bowtie configuration. bowtie-diagram. Figure-1. 40 meter bowtie antenna configuration. How long should the radiators (L) be and how far apart (W) . shows the measured SWR curve after the antenna was tuned. Notice the measured SWR curve is lower than the model predicted SWR curve and is relatively flat across the 40 meter band.

W3edp Multi-band Antenna « Nc4fb Amateur Radio

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He selected an L2 value of 6.5′ for the 20 meter band. According to the March 1936 QST article, W3EDP worked 75 countries in all continents within a two year period using his antenna with 50 watts input to the final P.A. 

Saya Dan Radio Amatir

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Meidi hobi sekali membuat radio. Dia ajak saya ikut JOTA. Kalau tidak salah pas kelas 2. Akhirnya, kami bisa membuat radio 11 meter band. antena dipasang di rumah Tegal Panggung. Dan, memancarlah kami dari rumah 

Zs6bkw Multi-band Antenna « Nc4fb Amateur Radio

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According to the ZS6BKW design, the length of the matching section is electrically .62 wavelength (WL) for the 20 meter band. Since 14.2 MHz is near the midpoint of the 20 meter band, we will use it to calculate the initial 

Ultra-compact Multi-band Wire Antenna « Nc4fb Amateur...

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Ultra-compact Multi-band Wire Antenna. Published on August 27, 2013 in Amateur radio and radio Antennas. 0ments. Live in an area that prohibits Figure-1 is a diagram of the antenna. image. Figure-1. Cheap & Easy multi-band antenna diagram. sep_thumb.jpg However, the increase in inductance poses no noticeable problem because only the first couple of coil turns are used for tuning above the 40 meter band. NOTE: Take a look at the article by VK1OD on tapping an 

Compact Restricted Space 40 Meter Wire Antenna

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40 meter Wire Antenna. Published on October 17, 2011 in Amateur radio, amateur radio aids and radio Antennas. 0ments Tags:pact+restricted+space+40+meter+wire+antenna. The antenna requires a good tuner, provides a useable SWR curve over most of the 40 meter band (7.0 MHz – 7.3 MHz), and has a good radiation pattern and gain at a height of 25 feet. A 1:1 current balun is needed at the feed point which is located 12.1' (see diagram below) along one of the 

Macam-macam Antena Untuk Radio Amateur

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Pada band MF dan HF, biasanya kita gunakan polarisasi horizontal sedangkan untuk VHF (pada radio 2 meteran) biasa digunakan polarisasi vertikal. Kita tahu bahwa pancaran VHF tidak menggunakan pantulan ionosphere 

Postage Stamp 40 Meter Wire Dipole Antenna « Nc4fb...

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Postage Stamp 40 meter Wire Dipole Antenna. Published on September 12, 2012 in radio Antennas. The modeled antenna exhibited very good characteristics on the 40 meter band and excellent characteristics on the 12 meter band. The predicted radiation pattern indicates the antenna will well locally and regionally on the 40 meter band. We were able to check in with ECARS (East Coast Amateur radio Service; control located in MD) on 7.255 MHz with a “59” signal report.

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