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Melihat skema nya antena G5RV ini dibuat sangat sederhana karena didesain untuk band 40m 10m dan terbukti sangat handal saat stasiun YB0S melaksanakan JOTA dapat kontak dengan beberapa HAM dari eropa

Zs6bkw Multi Band Antenna Nc4fb Amateur Radio

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According to the ZS6BKW design the length of the matching section is electrically 62 wavelength WL for the 20 meter band Since 14 2 MHz is near the midpoint of the 20 meter band we will use it to calculate the initial

40 Meter Bowtie Antenna Nc4fb Amateur Radio

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Coil Winding Tips W3EDP Multi band Antenna Bowtie antennas have been around since the spark gap days of radio I was curious about HF bowties so I decided to learn more about this type of antenna Phase I Antenna Modeling I selected a simple form of the bowtie antenna for modeling purposes Figure 1 shows the target bowtie configuration bowtie diagram Figure 1 40 meter bowtie antenna configuration How long should the radiators L be and

Optimizing The W3edp Antenna Nc4fb Amateur Radio

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Published on September 29 2013 in Amateur radio and radio Antennas 0ments The W3EDP multi band HF wire antenna is popular among QRP enthusiasts because it is light weight and cheap Figure 2 Diagram of Phase I antenna PHASE II Phase II consisted of modifying the Phase I antenna to provide continuously variable counterpoise lengths adjusting the counterpoise lengths for the 80 6 meter bands and recording the SWR measurements taken with my

A Simple Multi Band Wire Antenna For Hf The Columbia

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So in this example a doublet antenna that is operable on every band from 80 meters 10 meters with a feed point located 75 away from the radio we need 135 of wire and 92 8 of ladderline But before building the antenna we must have a way to connect the Using our example above constructing a single antenna usable on every amateur HF frequency from 80 meters and higher consists of only 135 of antenna wire 92 8 of ladderline or whatever

W3edp Multi Band Antenna Nc4fb Amateur Radio

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He selected an L2 value of 6 5 for the 20 meter band According to the March 1936 QST article W3EDP worked 75 countries in all continents within a two year period using his antenna with 50 watts input to the final P A

Ultrapact Multi Band Wire Antenna Nc4fb Amateur

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Published on August 27 2013 in Amateur radio and radio Antennas 0ments Live in an area that prohibits external antennas Maybe your lot is just too small to put up one of the popular multi band wire antennas If you have an attic garage workshop or deck that is a little over 12 in length you can operate on 40 meters 6 meters with a relatively cheap and easy to build wire antenna thanks to WB2JNA An article describing his antenna design was published in theARRL

Stub Tuning A Cb Big Stick Antenna For 10 Meters Ham

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Picture of Stub Tuning a CB Big Stick Antenna for 10 Meters Ham radio I didnt like the setup though I was using a single band 25 watt amateur band mobile rig and wanted to run the coax straight to the antenna without a lot of hoopla

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