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Madara Vs Kage's! Sasuke Meets Itachi

Diterbitkan pada Thursday, 26 September 2013 Pukul 20.40

The Kage's keep on fighting Madara Uchiha only to keep getting pushed down more and more. Sasuke somehow meets Itachi during his way to the battlefield, from this he tells Itachi that what he did was wrong, and that he 


Diterbitkan pada Wednesday, 26 August 2015 Pukul 4.09

NSR - Kage Summit Sasuke Moveset Mod, ALL IN ONE, NSR - Kage Summit Sasuke Moveset Mod.

Sasuke (kage Arc) Gameplay

Diterbitkan pada Monday, 17 October 2011 Pukul 2.39

The good times keep on rolling! YouTube user and Saiyan Island member Nightstar1994 has just uploaded a new video featuring gameplay of Sasuke from the Kage Arc. His special is shown 54 seconds in, Mangekyo 

Naruto Impact

Diterbitkan pada Monday, 26 September 2011 Pukul 9.35

The good times keep rolling! First there was a scan featuring Naruto vs Sasuke, then images of Team Guy and Summons. Well now, Namco Bandai has also released five new images of Sasuke taking on the five Kage!

Naruto Generations: Kage, Naruto, Sasuke, Guy Artwork...

Diterbitkan pada Sunday, 4 December 2011 Pukul 17.55

Luckily, as the title says, there is also some artwork of Naruto, Sasuke, and Guy! We meant to upload the Guy artwork a few weeks ago when screenshots of him came out, but we recently noted it didn't display. As for Naruto 

5 Kage's Vs Madara! Itachi And Sasuke Vs Kabuto

Diterbitkan pada Thursday, 3 October 2013 Pukul 20.05

Naruto Shippuden 333 hypes the fight between Sasuke and Itachi vs Kabuto. As explained by Itachi, all jutsu's have a weakness, furthermore we see Tsunade show that she is indeed powerful enough to face Madara, she 

Naruto Sasuke Vs Obito! Kage's Arrive

Diterbitkan pada Friday, 17 October 2014 Pukul 1.05

Naruto Shippuden 382 shows the feelings of Naruto and Hashirama as they both use Ino's communicative abilities to determine everyone into fighting bringing their spirits back up. The Kage's also arrive at such a crucial time 

Naruto Storm Revolution: Scan 3 Shows Edo Kage, Team 7...

Diterbitkan pada Wednesday, 15 January 2014 Pukul 19.16

If you are looking at how the arrow points to Sakura, it is indicating that if she is added to a team of Naruto and Sasuke, the trio will have their own unique combination jutsu! Not only that, but the much desired Edo Kage are in 

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