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Raja Ampat Dive Log- By Karin

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This group of majestic islands teems with exotic bird life, lush jungle foliage, and a spectacular array of fauna, while the water around them offers world class diving with manta rays, sharks, turtles, huge shoals of fish as well as reef systems that 

Sury Dua: Raja Ampat's Natural Underwater Beauty

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Raja Ampat is known as one of the ten best diving sites around the world, recognized as number one for its underwater flora and fauna. Like a vast, living library, Raja Ampat is home to at least 540 species of coral, Waigeo offers diving, rock islands, scenic bays walled in by towering cliffs, bird watching in its lush jungles, and affordable accommodation options throughout Raja Ampat. All in all, it's the perfect place to start your exploration of the Raja Ampat cluster.

Raja Ampat

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The natural beauty , flora , fauna and the friendliness of its people are very charming and worth if the area is dubbed as the paradise of the world. Legend Raja Ampat Legend called Raja Ampat is coming from a woman who found seven eggs fruit . Whole eggs eventually hatch and 4 of them to be king . of fauna typical of Papua , the birds of paradise . There are 4 types of birds of paradise that are here , the red bird of paradise , bird of large , small and bird of paradise split rattan .

Raja Ampat

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Raja Ampat is a series of four adjacent islands located in the western part of the Bird's Head of New Guinea. In fact, it may also be recognized as number one for the completeness of underwater flora and fauna at the moment. Visiting these 

Raja Ampat

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For the fauna sector, Raja Ampat has rarely fauna, such as; red birds of paradise (Paradise Rubra), Wilson birds of paradise (Cicinnurs Republica), Maleo Waigeo (Spilocuscus Papuensis), and rainbow fishes. Hence, for the flora, Raja Ampat 

Raja Ampat Underwater Paradise That Is Extraordinary

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Not one of the tourists choose Raja Ampat be heaven on earth, because here they will feel how the natural beauty of the real start of the beauty of nature, fauna and flora as well as the hospitality of its inhabitants have made Raja Ampat become a popular place tourists when visiting Indonesia. There are 4 types of Cendrawasih Bird (birds of paradise) that live in the Gam Islands, namely a large Cendrawasih, Cendrawasih small, red cendrwasih bird, and Cendrawasih split rattan.

Raja Ampat Papua

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Raja Ampat is a fraction Sorong, since 2003. District has a population of There are a variety of unique fauna such as birds of paradise bald, red bird of paradise, maleo Waigeo and kus-kus. For this type of flora, you can see 

Raja Fauna Datangkan Poksay Dan Murai Batu Vietnam...

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H Mansur mengecek poksay dan murai vietnam yang baru datang. Raja Fauna. Kontak: 0812 844 7900 / 0878 0802 1592. Bird Shop 1: Pasar Burung Pramuka Los Aks No.42+44 Palmeriam Jakarta. Bird Shop 2: Jl H Risan 

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