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Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, Kuala Lumpur : Malaysia...

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Gazetted in 1906, Bukit Nanas serves as a green lung of Kuala Lumpur and is home to an abundance of flora and fauna unique to the Malaysian tropical rainforest. Bukit Nanas can be categorised as a heritage for two The 10.5 hectare forest reserve was also gazetted as a Wildlife Reserve and bird Sanctuary in 1934 and in 1950 respectively, with a section of about five hectares dedicated as a Virgin Jungle Reserve. When paying a visit to KL Tower, visitors should 

In Wallace's Wake: Part Two

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A Red bird of Paradise. Wallace was an exotic bird himself: tall, gangly, with a bushy, white beard and gruff voice, I think deep down he probably preferred thepany of beetles to men. On the way, we had sailed hundreds of miles through empty, turqouise seas; seen dolphins and rare birds; visited sea-gypsymunities and snorkelled among clouds of irridescent fish on the staggeringly beautiful, coral reefs of the raja Ampat Islands. Our home on the waves .

Kerala Rivers: Anjarakandy River Cinnamon...

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ANJARAKANDY RIVER Cinnamon Plantation Pazhassi raja and the British East Indiapany . Backwater sailing into the anjarakandy river attract you to the serene island and the flora and fauna, migrating birds.

10 Nonviolent Video Games That Kick (metaphorical) Butt...

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Series, music games like Guitar Hero, and movement games like Dance Dance Revolution or Wii Sports​; our list focuses on immersive narratives, physics-based games (think Angry Birds but way better), and "sandbox" games that let you build your own worlds. Animal Crossing moves you into a town populated by anthropomorphic raccoons, penguins, and goats, and simply lets you live your new fauna-fabulous life. . Tasneem raja is MoJo's Interactive Editor.


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The species are depicted on the bird Life International series of Indonesia, Julang Jambul Hitam, Luntur Kasumba, Mentok Rimba, Cekakak Hutan Melayu, Kuau raja and Bangau Storm. All specieses as " Puspa Hutan 

Rajah Sikatuna National Park- Bohol-philippines.com

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Wildlife is undisturbed and roams freely in the park's interiors. Countless species of birds, butterflies, flora and fauna thrive in the area. With a minimal entrance of P20.00, one can traverse the countless trails set up for visitors who want to go on 

Saving The Raja Of India's Grasslands: New Efforts To...

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This interview also includes dialogue with Dr. Abi Tamim Vanak, an animal ecologist and conservation biologist specializing in the flora and fauna of India's semi-arid savannas and grasslands. The flagship species of India's grasslands and Furthermore, this tiny number of Great Indian Bustards are fragmented into small populations across several Indian states, making the bird even more prone to extinction. If urgent and targeted conservation actions are not taken 

Ecotourism West Papua: Hiking And Bird Watching In The...

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Mountain range of Arfak has been a favorite hiking tour destination for adventure travelers from around the world who want to see endemic flora and fauna of Papua. Located in the Dorey bay of Manokwari, the mountain range 

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