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Linda has been a vital member of the psychology and Education academic group, and she has made an enormously important contribution to the Faculty's teaching and other activities in general. She has been a very popular 

Stanford Study Finds Walking Improves Creativity

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We finally may be taking a step, or two, toward discovering why," Oppezzo and Schwartz wrote in the study published this week in the Journal of Experimental psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition. cognitive function, but until now, there did not appear to be a study that specifically examined the effect of non-aerobic walking on the simultaneous creative generation of new ideas and thenpared it against sitting, Oppezzo said. A person . Share This story 

How To Choose A Therapist, Part I

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How To 'hack' Grad School

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Just six months after launching, a virtual forum started by a group of MSU graduate students has become the first of its kind to contract with a leading higher-education publication. “I hear from many of our grad student readers that their programs are great at intellectual exploration, but much less so on the practicalities of preparing for the job market, learning how to finish up a dissertation and launching a career,” said Scott Jaschik, editor of Inside Higher Ed. “That's 


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Full story » Tags: Education, Latest news. August 28, 2014 Charles P. Emerson Jr., PhD, director of the UMMS Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Cooperative Research Center, talks to WCVB about facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD), one of the nine primary types of muscular dystrophy. A new AAMC resource that highlights health equity research, called the “Health Equity Research Virtual Site Visit,” features UMass Medical school in its inaugural post.

How To Choose A Therapist, Part Ii

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Psychologists are usually doctorate level clinicians (PhD or PsyD) whose expertise is in testing/assessment and providing behavioral therapies, but may also be trained in a variety of psychotherapeutic interventions. published news Upcoming news submit a new story groups words; published news Upcoming news submit a new story groups health conditions; masters level clinician; published news Upcoming news submit a new story groups medical arts; published news 

Your Face Says It All? Not So Fast

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University Distinguished Professor of psychology Lisa Feldman Barrett and her post-doctoral researcher, Maria Gendron, have published new research that shows how emotions are not universally recognized, a finding that call into question the very foundations of emotion science. Photo by In the 1970s, a young psychologist named Paul Ekman traveled to Papua new Guinea to test whether emotions were universally experienced and expressed as he suspected.

One Town's War On Gay Teens

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"Let's stop this dangerous nonsense before it's too late and more young boys and girls are encouraged to 'come out' and practice their 'gayness' right in their own school's homosexual club." The tragediese at a national moment when bullying is on everyone's lips, and a devastating number of gay teens across the country are in the news for killing themselves. Suicide . "It has taken a collective toll," says Northdale Middle school psychologist Colleen Cashen.

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