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New Study Yields Instructive Results On How Mindset Affects...

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When psychology Professor Carol Dweck was a sixth-grader at P.S. 153 in Brooklyn, N.Y., she experienced something that made her want to understand why some people view intelligence as a fixed trait while others embrace it as a The research, carried out by psychology graduate student Fred Leach, will use surveys to gauge the mindset of drivers before, during and after races to see if there is a correlation with their race results, Bentley said. Share This story 

Princeton University

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A Princeton University research team, including (from left) undergraduate Elyse Powell, psychology professor Bart Hoebel, visiting research associate Nicole Avena and graduate student Miriam Bocarsly, has demonstrated that rats with (Photo: Denise Applewhite) Photos for news media The new researchplements previous work led by Hoebel and Avena demonstrating that sucrose can be addictive, having effects on the brain similar to some drugs of abuse.

How To 'hack' Grad School

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Just six months after launching, a virtual forum started by a group of MSU graduate students has become the first of its kind to contract with a leading higher-education publication. “I hear from many of our grad student readers that their programs are great at intellectual exploration, but much less so on the practicalities of preparing for the job market, learning how to finish up a dissertation and launching a career,” said Scott Jaschik, editor of Inside Higher Ed. “That's 


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Full story » Tags: Latest news, Research A new AAMC resource that highlights health equity research, called the “Health Equity Research Virtual Site Visit,” features UMass Medical school in its inaugural post. Graduate school of Biomedical Sciences student Tsung-Han “Stanley” Hsieh is one of 46 international pre-doctoral students selected by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to receive International Student Research Fellowships that will support them as 

Stanford Study Finds Walking Improves Creativity

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We finally may be taking a step, or two, toward discovering why," Oppezzo and Schwartz wrote in the study published this week in the Journal of Experimental psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition. cognitive function, but until now, there did not appear to be a study that specifically examined the effect of non-aerobic walking on the simultaneous creative generation of new ideas and thenpared it against sitting, Oppezzo said. A person . Share This story 

Claude Steele's 'whistling Vivaldi' Is Next One Book Selection

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It takes its unusual name from a story told to the author by Brent Staples, an African-American journalist who writes for The new York Times. As a graduate student walking at night in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, 

Faculty Of Education, University Of Cambridge » News From...

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Linda has been a vital member of the psychology and Education academic group, and she has made an enormously important contribution to the Faculty's teaching and other activities in general. She has been a very popular 

How To Choose A Therapist, Part I

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As for PhD's (Doctor of Philosophy) and PsyD's (Doctor of psychology), while they are typically the only degrees that qualify one to become a psychologist, there are significant differences between the two. published news Upcoming news submit a new story groups word origin; published news Upcoming news submit a new story groups definition of; published news Upcoming news submit a new story groups business license . Notify me of follow-upments by email.

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