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Mind Your Media Manners: Etiquette For Working With News...

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Tie your story ideas into a trend or day, like stories earlier this week about Veterans Day. If your organization is making an important announcement or holding a big event, let the news media know ahead of time so they can properly time their 

How 17 Conservative Pacs Are Spending Their Money

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Very few people are capable of adequately researching this information, some of these groups are quite adept at hiding what they're doing and there are gaps in the law that potentially allow for some very shady activities to occur under the radar. . On a personal note, even though I had heard a lot of anecdotal stories and had read what other news organizations had to say, I have to admit that I was shocked by how bad the numbers are for many of these groups.

109 Ways To Make Your Business Irresistible To The Media...

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Those online press release systems are more useful for building inbound links, or if you're already a recognized expert with a track record, and there's a major news event breaking that you could discuss. . Warm up the reporter by sending an e-mail first, with a paragraph spelling out the bottom line of the story idea, then follow up with a call a few hours or a day later, depending on the urgency of the story. .. I really like point 56 about holding a fundraising drive.

Dr Umar Johnson Isn't The Right Guy To Open Boy's...

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For almost a month now, black and mainstream media outlets, including blogs and news sites, have been reporting on the allegedly awesome and ambitious story of Dr. Umar Johnson and his plan to raise money for an all-black residential And while it is unclear how much of that he has already raised, Diverse Education quotes Dr. Johnson as saying, “donations have steadily been pouring in through an online fundraising drive,” donations that are currently being 

Start Something That Matters

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story. Let them know that you stand for creating positive impact, and influencing others to think about new ways that BUSINESS CAN IMPROVE LIVES and the world around us. . From TOMS-themed events like Style Your Sole and One Day Without Shoes to adding your own TOMS twist to an event you're planning - the ideas are endless! Read about how our supporters are creating positive change in their own lives in the TOMS.com/Stories "Movement" section.

The Ultimate Crowdfunding To-do List: Before You...

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Story is everything. Let me back up. Your story is everything. People aren't so much getting behind the idea as they are getting behind your passion to produce it – be it a book, film, album, live event, business, it makes no I should clarify: I'm not talking about facebook friends here, I'm talking people that are actually looking forward to your holiday greeting card, or news from you that you were promoted at work etc. .. Your email is never published nor shared.

How Nonprofits Spend Millions On Elections And Call It...

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Some tax-exempt groups underreported their political activities in 2010 to the IRS, ProPublica finds, using tactics that are being used to pour dark money into campaigns on an even larger scale this year. By the time some groups submitted tax returns spelling out the millions they put into the 2010 election, they had stopped operating, or disbanded and reformed under new names, ProPublica found. The most politically active social welfare groups — former 

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