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Video: This Deep-sea Squid Breaks Off Its Own Arms To...

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Scientists have known for some time that lizards and other land-based species can voluntarily detach their appendages to elude predators, a tactic they call “arm autonomy.” But Bush's discovery, revealed in a paper published 

Table Salt Games: Science Scrabble

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science Scrabble. Don't get scared off by the word science, I'll explain how you can play '[insert theme here] Scrabble' if science isn't your thing. (Though it should be, it's fun!) My friend Aviv and I have developed these rules for just over a rule, tweaking This article is really good, I like it so much, there are some nice things you share in your blog. buy cheap tadalafil viagra, [url=http://rivally.com/pligg/story.php?title=viagra-online-without-prescription-133]viagra[/url],

Pligg Opens Negotiations For Possible Sale (collaborative...

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pligg Blog » Blog Archive » pligg Opens Negotiations For Possible Sale. Coverage by Mashable: Update: Despite initial signs in Since we get around 3 pligg-powered sites submitted to Mashable every day, we can confirm that the CMS is hugely popular. We were given no word on profitability, but presumably Martin Kilduff: Socialworks andanizations · Linton C. Freeman: The Development of Socialwork Analysis: A Study in the Sociology of science.

In The Library With The Lead Pipe » Socialworking With A...

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The impetus for this blog post was an email that has been making the rounds, originating from Dr. Richard Price of Oxford University, that reads as follows: The profiles didn't capture what was important to scientists.

Setup Social Publishing Cms(content Managemnet System...

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pligg is an open source CMS social publishing software that encourages visitors to register on your website so that they can submit content and connect with other users. It is used to setup your own social publishing 

Being Scientific: Fasifiability, Verifiability, Empirical Tests...

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If you ask a scientist what makes a good experiment, you'll get very specific answers about reproducibility and controls and methods of teasing out causal relationships between variables and observables. If human 

Do You Get Knee Pain When You Squat?

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Rick has trained thousands of clients andpleted his Master's of science degree focusing on injury recovery. Rick shares with other fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts, the exercises he uses to prevent knee 

Get: List Of Pligg Sites

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