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8 Great Socialworking Cms

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Connect with other users. The unique user driven CMS relies on independent author contributions and participation. Originally, pligg began as a simple CMS which allowed registered users to submit,ment and vote on news stories - which, to this day, remains a key feature. Amongst other social interactions, users can vote on articles and publications that interest them, and those with most votes eventually appear on the homepage of the pligg powered website.

List Of Bookmarking Sites Powered By Pligg

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Although there are other specialized solutions for creating a social bookmarking site (like PHPdugg or Scuttle), the most popular of them is the pligg CMS, so I have decided to seek a list of pligg powered sites. I have came accross about 1735 links. I have removed the unnecessary endings (/register.php for example) and also cleared the. subdomains to have a list of domains only. .. We may have a hyperlink trade agreement among us my site :: short term 

Traffic Generation: Pligg Site Article Submissions

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Automatic pligg submitters are designed to speed-up website indexing, optimize search engine rankings and increase traffic by automatically creating and registering user accounts, rotating proxy servers, parsing and 

Should Digg Fear Pligg?

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Many pligg sites have already been established. The Cornwall SEO post lists some pligg sites that been created in different categories. There's a gaming news pligg called GameSnips; and a business news pligg site called 

Automatic Pligg Submitter Released

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And what is the most popular social bookmarking script used to create this type of sites? pligg script. So what can automatically register unlimited number of accounts on pligg powered sites and submit your domains there?

How To Remove Upcoming Pages For Menu And Submenu

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Hello Yankidank and Pliggmunity, As this is my first post in pligg Forum I would like to thank Yankidank for the Social Publishing CMS he has. business | Upcoming | NewsVoting register, Login, and Submit Stories with Facebook. . All times are GMT -7. The time now is 02:07 PM. powered by vBulletin® Copyright © 2014 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. Search Engine Friendly URLs by vBSEO 3.5.2 PL2. Image resizer by SevenSkins. © pligg LLC.

Scraping For Pligg And Scuttle Sites

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Inurl:/register intext:"upcoming" intext:"published" intext:"submit" -inurl:.php intitle:"register" inurl:/register intext:"powered by pligg" -inurl:.php inurl:/register.php intext:"powered by pligg" "powered by pligg" intitle:"pligg beta" "What Is pligg?" intitle:"pligg Beta 9" "http://www.pligg.com" inurl:register.php RE: Scraping for pligg and Scuttle sites. thank you kaostyl will it work with other sites too ?work at home business opportunity · Find all posts by this user · Quote this 

Top 5 Social Bookmarking Scripts

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Well, Hotaru goes with “open source plugin-powered CMS engine” this is a social bookmarking script which is an open source for webmasters to develop their own social websites within hours. It is developed with pligg. It is one of the most effectual content management system that anyone can download for free. It supports you with 9 different languages. It's a great platform for encouraging visitors to register on your own website and share the articles. Moreover, the 

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