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Ten Things You Don't Know About The Earth

Diterbitkan pada Tuesday, 9 September 2008 Pukul 2.00

Since the Earth spins, there is a force outward that is a maximum at the Earth's equator, making our Blue Marble bulge out, like a basketball with a guy sitting on it. This type of . If we could capture all that heat and convert it with 100% efficiency into electricity, it would literally power all of humanity. Too bad that's an . This is why Star Wars is not science fiction, it's fantasy. The Death Star .. Oh the temperature is not just changing by a few degrees. September 8, 2008 

How Link Spammers Killed My Wife's Web Site

Diterbitkan pada Sunday, 18 October 2009 Pukul 19.39

But that's still time and money for a small site that hasn't generated income. Plus, the version of Drupal Who wants to stand up for killing a site that a mother was making time for in between the already full-time job of watching her kids? In the US, we got .. We're not using off-the-shelf software (we dumped Pligg earlier this year, and the version we were running was heavily modified). We have an array of . We have actually succeeded to a great degree. Today it is 

Life At Google

Diterbitkan pada Sunday, 24 June 2007 Pukul 21.05

The following has been making the rounds on just about every internal email list I belong to in Microsoft. Here it is to (It puts tremendous value on degrees, especially Stanford ones). .. product.paypal.com/pligg Says: .. Microsoft trust it's interns to stay in line with the NDA, you can say it doesn't have anything that could be harmful, but in the real world leakages cost time and money because Microsoft can't just assume anything is wrong with this email, they have to 

Powered By Article Dashboard Bank Check Printing

Diterbitkan pada Tuesday, 25 September 2012 Pukul 21.11

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Money And The Steady State Economy « Center For The...

Diterbitkan pada Monday, 26 April 2010 Pukul 5.26

As goldsmiths evolved into banks they began to make loans by creating tokens (demand deposits) in the name of the borrower in excess of the gold they held in reserve. This practice, profitable to banks, . The fact that bankers and their friends in government and academia have willfully ignored these ideas for 90 years does not constitute a refutation of them, but rather is a tribute to the power of vested interests over the common good. How would the 100% reserve 

Arizona Is 6000 Years Old?

Diterbitkan pada Monday, 6 July 2009 Pukul 21.27

It's not that she says the Earth is 6000 years old — twice, just to make sure — that floors me. It's the casual . And worse, then get elected to a position of power that requires them to use critical thinking to make decisions? July 6 .. I think the Galaxy is thought to be around 13 billion or something like that (again Phil, you're the one with the Astro degree, I washed out of the University of Maryland's Astro department into the lovely world of Political Science). There's a 

Seos Fight Fat » Blog Archive » Page Ranking And...

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Asterisk, The Easy Way

Diterbitkan pada Monday, 19 February 2007 Pukul 6.30

Fortunately for us, someone from computer science did! In compliance with free software tradition, community support for Asterisk is available through a host of portals including Digium's support portal and a number of other websites like voipinfo.org which are powered by hordes of Asterisk enthusiasts and This is the reason why Asterisk achieves a degree of flexibility which traditional telephony platforms cannot do, no matter how ambitiously designed they are.

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