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Http://ideawrite.net/ http://ideawrite.net/story.php?title=discount-luxury-cars http://www.municipalclarity.com/ http://www.searchenginejournal.com/pliggsitescom-directory-of-pligg-powered-sites/5575/ http://forums.pligg.com/general-help/4073-displaying-powered-pligg-footer.html. http://atheistnewsandviews.com/ http://www.feedage.com/feeds/2773460/powered-by-pligg-directory--zrexsky27--all http://www.tf-sbs.com/science/powered-by-lilurl/ 

Arxiv Find: Stars In Other Universes : Cosmic Variance

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Discover Magazine: The magazine of science, technology, and the future . constants aren't “just right”, stars can't burn helium to make carbon. I'm a bit surprised that this famous anthropic prediction wasn't even mentioned in this paper — how does helium burn in Adams's model stars? Pingback: pligg.com. Garth A barber science will havee up against a dead end, in the same way that science cannot really explain why humans are the way they are.

Top 30 Pligg Based Social Media Sites That Are Worth Your...

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BioWizard.com – Bio Wizard is a socialworking site for medical and science enthusiasts. Share and vote for you . I love these sites. We just started a voting news site for home Brewing and Craft Beers at http://brewpoll.com Here's a technology pligg site. http://techdoggy.com. TechDoggy is a user-powered news portal for the gadgets, cameras, cell phones, voip, software and gps featuring gadget news, reviews, industry trends and opinion. Reply. rubber2002 

Thread: 301 Error With Featured Module

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Instead I get a 301 error message. From my understand this is occuring because the redirects are failing up to 5 times. How do I fix this, anybody know. My site is DevoutNone - Promoting The Benefits of science & Reason

Improving Performance In Sports Through Sports Science

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Today's top athletes & their kind, for their performance, have a lot to thank the rapidly developing field of Sports science. Sports science is a faculty of science that abets & aids the sporting fraternity create milestones that they 


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With modern man getting more & more fitness driven there is a deluge of fitness facilities, sport nutrition products, equipment. This has led to a gamut of career opportunities in the area of sports science.

Ten Emerging Technology Trends To Watch Over The Next...

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And they allow individuals to become providers as well as consumers – feeding power into the grid from home-installed generators, while drawing from the grid when they can't meet their own demands. The result is a vastly more efficient, responsive and resilient Now, scientists are able to synthesize the genome of a newanism from scratch, and are on the brink of using it to create a living bacteria. Synthetic biology is about taking control of DNA – the genetic 

Followup On Haiti, Science, Brinstuff And The Enlightenment!

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Register to add yourments at: http://dmlcompetition.net/pligg/register.php by creating a user name and password (please note the user name and password you created to submit an application will not work; all users must create new .. Back home, they recommend eating a very limited number of locally caught fish largely because of high mercury concentrations from coal emissions. .. Simple template. Template images by enot-poloskun. powered by Blogger.

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