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Rocking Backward And Forward: Head Banging In Adults

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Sometimes I'd move to the couch so I could continue. I wouldn't consider this a disorder, or a coping mechanism. Although, I am an alcoholic and am currently in recovery hmmm??? All in all, I feel this "rocking" is harmless.

I Am Almost Violently Angry When Sober?

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I agree with Bella that you need to get into treatment to help you as to continue excessive drinking will destroy your health, and when one is dependent on it, then it is hard to set moderate limits. Just like with any drug, it is 

Become A Virtual Volunteer And Make A Real Difference...

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Treat Anxiety Attacks on June 13, 2009 at 12:15 pm said: Pingback: pligg.com · Brain Test UCLA on April 13, 2011 at 1:46 pm said: Check out https://www.braintest.org for opportunities to volunteer in online research studies! The goal of Brain Test is to gain valuable information from a broad range of people that will help researchers to tackle the world's most challenging problems when alcoholic beverages isn't in your physique. Proudly powered by WordPress.

Help With My 24 Year Old Son

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My son suffers with depression and is now a alcoholic and drug user (pill popping and smokes weed). He puts his self in life Since your son is 24 he would need to consent to a treatment program. Does he have a job or 

Safety Of Children With Bp Parent

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It was also around the same time that a psychiatrist considered the possibility of BP, but my husband was drinking so heavily and lying so thoroughly that he refused treatment. There was also a suicide attempt, vaults full of lies 

Trusting A Bipolar/alcoholic Mother With A Child After...

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The last time she had to go in for treatment (alcohol related after going on a bender and threatening to kill me and getting arrested while trying to pick up her daughter drunk), my step daughter (then at 8 years old) was told 

How Can I Just Forget The Past And Move On?

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When my mother died when I was sixteen (she was an alcoholic and abused painkillers) I went totally off the rails, I was already depressed and self harming at this point anyway because I found living with her so stressful but when she died everything got so much worse. I couldn't get over the guilt I felt I know that CBT therapy is very good for post trauma, but again your psychologist/psychiatrist is best to speak to about this. Sometimes journaling is very good for 

Am I Being Sexually Abused? Do I Have An Addiction? What...

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At this point I stopped eating regularly and by around 13 I was drinking and abusing my mother's pain medication for her back almost daily. Being . It would be best if you could go into a voluntary treatment program for teens.

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