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The Great People's Cube On Halloween

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Everyfouryears 1.jpg ~ allnightheflies 1.jpg dead 1.jpg nevermore 1.jpg Every four years on halloween the Great People's Cube rises up out of the scariest graveyard.

Halloween Date Changed To 11-2-2010

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Per order of George Soros Central Planning, it is hereforth ordered that the halloween holiday now be changed to November 2 election day. The changes are necessary since the GNOP has widened the enthusiasm gap so 


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Hacked Gadgets :: View Topic

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Happy halloween! It's with the spirit of Nikola Tesla that I made this un-powered crystal radio in a jam jar. It plugs into theputer, responds to its electromagnetic environment, and uses Audio Hijack Pro software to create cool sounds from what it hears. The Spooky Tesla My website has more pictures and video of the yard decorations, the animatronic figures, and the electronics that control it. The main website: . powered by phpbb © 2001, 2005 phpbb Group.

Haunted Spaces, Pics & Ideas

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And help each other out with ideas. :D To start us off, . I want the place to actually appear like a house, so it will eventually have a kitchen added in the room that has the new orange halloween wallpaper. I added the gothic 

"halloween" Reboot So Crazy, It Could Actually Work

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Image So the talk of a reboot started circling. A story board version of the opening to a new halloween popped up, it came with many pictures that were promising. The following events were speculated, as Laurie was found on the front lawn. The balcony had been damaged, and the I actualy have a few other ideas, as to reboot halloween. Well the first story line, is that he is an . Board index; All times are UTC. powered by phpbb® Forum Software © phpbb Group.

Real E$tate

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The house also has a large ballroom with crystal chandeliers covering 80% of it ceiling, several stages for entertainment, an indoor/outdoor bar, and an "entourage room" for security guards, assistants, and other employees to 

Uterine Prolapse

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