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Why Are Space Wolves Hated So Much?

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People also seem to hate how rules-wise they're normal marines with a bit of a boost in power at a slightly cheaper price tag. Lots of reasons I guess, but it .. Everything is wolf this, wolf that, yiff yiff yiff. For a second there, 

Furry Fandom / Useful Notes

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The majority of the fandom consists of people who enjoy fiction and art centered around anthropomorphic animal characters, ranging from being in the form of text stories, art, and comic books, to more elaborate and mainstream forms of media such as . Rantasmo: "I imagine the mindset is something like 'Y'know, I'm already denigrated and oppressed because of who I love, I may as well also wear a wolf suit'." .. Forum · Forum Topics · Recent Discussions · Workshops · Live Blogs.

Kiriman Pertama Ke Karang Anyar

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Printable Fireworks Coloring Page

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Cedar And Willow: Time-felix And Family

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It turns out that the Duke wants the Book of Ultimate Power, which he thinks will give him the power to rule the world. But when he discovers the contents inside the book ("Truth", "Love", and "Wisdom"), the infuriated Duke 


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The Limits Of Student Speech And School Authority

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