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Raw Material For Misanthropes: Destroying The World For...

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This film is crude and direct, like survival in real life. It shows us how you cannot sugarcoat reality, especially when a wolf is gnawing on your pal's entrails, few meters away from you. yiff this, motherfucker. I dare you. I won't In a forum I frequent sometimes, totally for smart people, someone gave a solution to the overpopulation problem and the dumbfuck problem. . Freelance artist, part time smartass, occasional writer. Awesome Inc. template. powered by Blogger.

The Sl Enquirer: Furry Friendly? Ceciliarosalie Reporting...

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Fandom is a general term referring to both a genre of art and literature (includingics), or even a specific life style of Furries. The term "yiff" is mostmonly used to indicate sexual activity or sexual material within the fandom—this applies to sexual activity and interaction within the subculture whether in the form of cybersex or offline. . CapEx forum - Capital Exchange . Independantly owned and operated. wolf Howlz Radio. wolf Howlz Radio DJ Weebs 

Incontinent Student Bodies: Review

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ADISC.org - powered by crinkles and cuddles The two (Marci and Karis) did 3 stories together, until the fourthic, where someone by the name of Dormy took over as the main artist. Okay, flash forward. He goes in and meets a wolf by the name of JD, who then notices his padding. More intriguing though is that Jonathan and his partner (Josh) make a very yiffy return, to yet again make Aaron feel like one of the guys. .. By Legolas in forum Babyfur / Diaperfur.

Un Forum Of Indigenous Affairs Begins On Monday...

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In practice the debates of the Permanent Forum began Saturday with the celebration of the so-called caucus dedicated to the youth, women, art and global aspects of the indigenous. In the first day of before cervix[/url] [url=http://informati-glos-ea.blogspot.com/2010/02/free-furry-yiff-i-need-help-on-finding.html]free furry yiff[/url] [url=http://informatiotablinformatio.blogspot.com/2010/01/hydrogen-powered-bmw-do-you-think-bmw.html]hydrogen powered bmw[/url]


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After seeing the Banner at InflateThemAll this morning i raised my Hands up and yelled YIPPIE YEAHHHH, because i hope for the wolf. My dream is The art work youe up with is so cute. Proudly powered by WordPress.

Weekly Critters

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Repost of the forum rules. Jun. 29th, 2009 at 7:10 PM. IDKTUS theunknownsoul. Welcome to WeeklyCritters! Just as the title says, thismunity names weekly critters, or animals for artists to focus on and learn about. Thismunity is meant for artists. Sex is not. This is not a 'yiff'munity. You are welcome to draw those things, if you so desire, but do NOT post them here. Anatomically correct, is okay. If you're unsure, ask/show me and I'll let you know if it's okay to post. 4.

April Fools 2011

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A full list of new projects follows this press release. About OverClocked ReMix. Founded in 1999, OverClocked ReMix is ananization dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form.

New World Notes: Open Forum: How Many Second Life...

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Open Forum: How Many Second Life Furries Are Furry to Explore Their RL Sexual Identity? Furrycon Let's ignore the yiff business, as I've a more fundamental question. wolf Baginski. FurryMUCK is still running. Started in 1990. So is Tapestries MUCK: 1991. I'm not averse to the sexual element, but it's far from the only aspect of a furry character. Anyway, furry connection exist in much older stories, from Aesop and Peter Rabbit through to Příhody lišky Bystroušky.

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