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Article Updated With New Message From The Health Ranger...

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Through scientific investigation powered by university-level analytical instrumentation, Adams found that, much like the majority of the population, he had been suffering over the past several years from chronic exposure to cumulative toxic elements found in the food supply, including in manyanics and "superfoods." His findings -- as well as Mike Adams (aka the "health Ranger") is also the executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness center (www.

Money Making Guide #2 1m An Hr. (real)

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Asukaworld: 林俊傑 Jj

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Antibiotic Resistant Gene Found In Chinese River

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China, according to a new report. The discovery could trigger a rise in antimicrobial resistance and hence a health threat. The research group consisted of teams from Rice university in Houston, texas, and from Nankai and Tianjin Universities in China. In addition to detecting the gene, and perhaps of greater concern, the scientists also isolated a bacterial strain carrying NDM-1 that was resistant to the eight antibiotics that they tested. This suggests that more 

Savings2income Meets Tips For Retirement Planning In 2013

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Nasa Models Predict Total Societal Collapse:

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According to the Socio Economic Synthesis center, which led the study's research team and was made up of well respected natural and social scientists from various U.S.-based universities, society as it exists today is decades, perhaps . Established in 1992, HAARP, based in Gokona, Alaska, is an array of high-powered antennas that transmit, through high-frequency radio waves, massive amounts of energy into the ionosphere (the upper layer of the atmosphere).

Doctor Malina Egarova Rapid Diagnostics Of Cancer...

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Research suggests that more screening tests are principal for the increased diagnosis rate, they explained powered by hotaru online scientific calculator. In amentary, Dr Laura Esserman, of the university of California at San Francisco, and Dr Ian Thompson, of the university of texas health science center at San Antonio, wrote: "What we poverty now in the reply to of cancer is theing together of physicians and scientists of all disciplines to subdue the 

Humans Litter Found In Deepest Ocean, Marine Trash Is...

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Experts from the Consolidated Research Group on Marine Geosciences of the university of Barcelona (UB), led by Professor Miquel Canals, participated in the seafloor survey. Plastic and fishing gear are the mostmon 

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