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Naruto History And Descriptions: Utakata

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A girl named hotaru, who happened to be there, assumed the assailants were after her. Utakata managed to fend off his attackers, but was injured in the process. Believing that Utakata had saved her, hotaru took him to her 

Zone Fighter Episode 16

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The meteor from last night has been immediately taken from the impact site and put in a children's museum with a box and sign already, and the only people there to look at it are a bunch of kids and Hikaru, hotaru, and Akira (who is also a kid!) This sort of stretches plausibility, I guess scientists aren't He's still out by the next morning, and an x-ray of his skull reveals a Garoga ESP receiver in his brain. They've still not bothered to take him to the hospital, by the way.


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She was even planned to have Pinocchio Syndrome and to make a Heroic Sacrifice since she "wasn't human anyways", but instead the cyborg elements were incorporated into hotaru, who had wired limbs and mechanical parts visible through them (this is due to her father Eight Man himself is a total body replacement with a human brain, while the cyborgs he fights, Cyber Junkies, are street punks who cut off and replace limbs with high-powered weapons and abilities.

Miniaturemand Radio System

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Green LED Lights (quite dimly, in order to minimise unnecessary current drain) whenever the Radio-Switch receiver or transmitter is actually being powered. When using the battery economiser this LED should flash at regular 

New Crimson Winter Opening

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Kaji, hotaru, Yue and I – all residents of Hyuski Heights and friends since childhood – had decided to head back home together following our school's swim meet victory celebration. It was before midnight .. I demanded into the receiver. “Yue is hurt! You have to hurry.” Yue was in pain, I could tell, but she climbed to her feet regardless, wincing as she did so. “Um, Yukari, Yue…” hotaru called in an uncertain voice and we turned to look over at her. The pulsing light in 

"i Go The Extra Mile For Yoto": Hotaru Ichijou

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"I go the extra mile for Yoto": hotaru Ichijou By Airi Altinate The Daily Magi September 11, 2058. hotaru Ichijou, a sophomore liberal arts major from Tokyo, is the wife of Mitakihara Magi kicker Yoto Inokuma. Ichijou and 

A Break From Moe-shit Anime: A Bit Of Non Non Biyori...

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Non Non Biyori tells the story of hotaru, a fifth-grader who has the bang-able physique of a high-schooler, who moved from Tokyo into the boonies. That means she's the transfer student. Please Japan, does the main character always have to be a transfer About ahotaku39. The Idiot Otaku, open to discuss anime, nendoroids, and cosplay. Talks in simple or broken English (depends on the audience). A proud receiver of criticism. View all posts by ahotaku39 → 

Gakuen Aliceplete Series Litebox Anime Dvd Review

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hotaru doesn't seem to care.) Then one day, hotaru is escorted away in a fancy black car, apparently scouted by a school in Tokyo called "Alice Academy." Crushed at the loss of her favorite pal, Mikan scurries after her, determined to enroll, too! As it turns out, the Alice Academy is a place where the government brings in all the special powered people it discovers across the country and works with them to help them adjust to their powers, learn to control them and 

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