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Power Lesser Gods / Pantheon

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A page for describing Pantheon: Power Lesser Gods. Azwraith, God of Self-Multiplying (Phantom Lancer, Cancer Lancer) Lesser God Symbol: About six blue- …

Fall 2013 Dramas

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Haru does the best she can in training and keeps getting scolded by the strict instructors everyday. As she faces the heavy pressure of not having a . The younger brother of the movie company president (Ito Hideaki) works for the same company and has good negotiation skills and business sense. He is the “brave divorcee” who is going through a . Scriptwriter: Yamaoka Junpei (Power Game, GTO remake, Clover) Cast: AKIRA, Ozawa Yukiyoshi, Uchiyama Rina, 

Anomaly <sign Ups>

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Power(s): Phase-shifting: Alex has the ability to go out of phase with the physical world; he vanishes from sight and is invulnerable to all attacks coming from reality. This ability lets him walk through walls, people and all sorts of objects. .. His release from detention was negotiated three years later, and among the terms of his release was the requirement that he wear a GPS/genetics tracker to monitor his whereabouts and his flare-ups, should he come into contact 

2011 Japanese Drama

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after he was subjected to tremendous physical abuse. He dislikes people and is a loner, but during his time as a diplomat, he was trained in areas such as negotiation techniques and behavioural psychology, and conditioned to be the trump card in political diplomacy. Assisted by Sakura Ayano (Kutsuna Shiori), a freeter, Shirai applies his negotiation skills to penetrate the lies of those who have maliciously created trouble, and free people from the depths of despair.

Kerry Wants To Imprison West Bank With Massive Security...

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An official close to the Palestinian negotiations described Abbas as “boiling mad” after Kerry first informed him about the American ideas for a long-term Israeli presence in the West Bank. .. No doubt that Lebanon would be again devastated by Israel's superior air power (Lebanon has about 20 helicopters and a couple of big Cessna's just donated by the US, all of them unarmed, but what will be different is that it's The way the NPD was cross-trained by Israelis?

Martial Pacifist

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In fact, there are some martial artists who believe that any use of their skills for competitive purposes is a perversion of the art, and even refrain from sparring. When a Contrast Reluctant Warrior, who believes exactly the same things the Martial Pacifist does but is constantly forced to fight and lacks their fighting power and ability to use non-lethal force. Contrast . He is very polite and often asks to be left alone before having to pull out his Navy SEALS martial arts training. At one point 

Don't Let Other Countries Declare War For America...

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Since AIPAC wants this bill passed, it follows that so does the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who opposes American negotiations with Iran and has repeatedly threatened to attack the Islamic Though Iran champions the Palestinians, who live under Israeli occupation, it has not threatened Israel, which, remember, is itself a nuclear power. .. It's called "Charlie Wilson's War" just in case your research skills truly are as bad as they sound.


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The Living MacGuffins of the series, at least in Part II. The Tailed Beasts (尾獣, "Bijū") are humongous, primal creatures known for their extraordinary power and immense amounts of chakra. Most of the Tailed Beasts seen in the series have 

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