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Recipe/tutorial: (sailor Moon Dessert Series, Pt 10...

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Recipe/Tutorial: (Sailor Moon Dessert Series, Pt. 10) Hotaru's Blackberry and Creme de Cassis Mousse Cake · February 23, 2015 . whites to soft peaks. Add a couple tablespoons of the powdered sugar and beat until you reach medium to stiff peaks. . While I'm not a big Sailor Moon fan, I absolutely love the cakes you've created here as inspiration from the show. Great job! Now if Email Address. Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Sugar & Spice by WebTuts.

Five Anime Movies To Watch If You're Not Into Anime

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Animation is a flexible medium that allows creation of dreamscapes and experimentation with images difficult to achieve in live action films, at least without a gigantic budget. But tentacle porn, fan service, sub-normal IQ heroines with saucer eyes, and battle sequences in which characters power up for three episodes are not all there is to anime. When six year old Hotaru becomes lost in the forest, she meets the masked, not-quite-human Gin who leads her out.

Ayaka Hirahara

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Related Media. from: T-Kun. Duration: 04:24. # Ayaka Hirahara - Auld Lang Syne~Hotaru no Hikari. from: T-Kun; uploaded: Nov 23, 2014; Hits: 466; Rating: 0 (0 Rating) 

Memo To The Media: In 2010, Add More Dynamic Female...

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Using examples like Pokémon and Hamtaro to show where certain franchises were coded as masculine or feminine, but were still enjoyed by children of all genders. . the way it developed has given more exposure, range, and power to female creators - yes, manga are still strictly segregated into boys vs girls (leaving aside the smaller segments), but the variation in girls' comics (and anime though not as much, I think) makes it a medium unto itself - it's not a genre.

~the Infected~[roleplay] [day 2]

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YOU have the power to save the world,will you use it? ♢Map♢ Map currently not available. SPOILER: Click to show. Ashlyn Wilkinson. Ser Recon-These people work fast to get to their destinations.They are all trained in the use of weapons and killing infected.They believe the infected can't be cured,only killed.Members of Ser Recon . Background: Akane grew up in an abusive household until she was adopted at age nine as Hotaru's bodyguard. When the infection 

Zone Fighter Series Guide « Scifi Japan

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Because of this, I think television is not the right medium for giant monster movies.” Fukuda— who was not .. Just in time, Godzilla is able to sever the power lines leading to the car compactor, allowing Zone Fighter time to escape. As Godzilla's battle with . As Hikaru returns home, Raita shows him a letter left by Hotaru and Akira explaining that Smokey had been stolen by the Garoga and that they had traced it to Tanzawa in the fourth dimension. As he arrives in 

Lcd-free Digital Concept Camera Encourages Selective...

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Brian Matanda, a Product Design student at the University of Dundee in Scotland, has created 'Timeless Capture,' a concept camera that aims to force an emotional attachment to the user through the medium of selective 

Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon / Script

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Interactive Narrator/Medium Awareness: Now and again, the characters will read the narrative lines and react to it. Original Character: Detective Not-Appearing-In-This-Film, who was mostly created to humorously highlight situations where the events portrayed in the show should have caused legal ramifications. Instead, it takes all the "feminine" girly stuff like frilly princess dresses and pink unicorns and makes them into implements of power. Hotaru: Oh my gosh, a talking cat!

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