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A bit of a meta example as well as the original casting call was for two separate voice actors as the studio didn't think that one person could sound both meek enough as Clark and strong enough as Superman. .. In Man of Steel, the cinematic reboot of the Superman films, Clark Kenting is deconstructed and reconstructed, Lois tracks Clark Kent through his aliases and good deeds, but he goes through a variety of looks in the movie, including a full beard, partial stubble, clean shaven 

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Sailors Saturn and Mercury in Sailor Moon are prototype cases - in fact, there's a theory that the term Moe was originally derived from Saturn's civilian name, Tomoe hotaru (written as 土萌; even the relevant kanji is the same.) Researchers There's also episode 15 of Slayers TRY, where Lina is transported to an Alice in Wonderland-esque bizarro-world,plete with costume. She's absolutely .. Tessa in full metal Panic!, highlighted in the OVA after The Second Raid. She also 


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The Mixxzine/Tokyopop verion of the manga briefly had hotaru (who later became the only senshi to retain her original name in the Cloverway dub) named Jenny. It was changed back in later . To those who have read the manga, this sounds even weirder. According to . According to ADR director Tom Wayland, in Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life Arceus was originally going to be voiced by actor Vincent D'Onofrio of full metal jacket and Men In Black fame. However, before 

250 Best Movies Made In The Last 30 Years

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Finding Nemo (2003) Finding Neverland (2004) Fish Called Wanda, A (1988) Flash Gordon (1980) Forrest Gump (1994) Fugitive, The (1993) full metal jacket (1987) Galaxy Quest (1999) Game, The (1997) Gandhi (1982) hotaru no haka (1988) Hotel Rwanda (2004) Hunt for Red October, The (1990) Idi i smotri (1985) In Thepany Of Men (1997) Incredibles, The (2004) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

The Worlds Best Films: Top Ranked Films By Year: The 80s

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full metal jacket - Kubrick, Stanley #135 2. Wings of Desire - Wenders, Wim #165 3. Princess Bride, The hotaru no Hakaa (Grave/Fireflies,1988) Takahata, Isao #228 4. Dead Ringers - Cronenberg, David #307 5. Dekalog 

Dhs Purchases 1.2 Billion 'domestic Anti-personnel' Rounds

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We've provided his full statement below: “Look, I don't They are smaller and lower powered, which saves taxpayers money. Because to be .. Mort, those wad cutters are not the steel metal jacket round required by the Geneva Conventionthey are illegal for army use. We are File the sights off those pistols or, when they find out you have fired wad cutters, it will really hurt when they ram them pistols up your ass! Joe Stirrin' things up, makin' noise. lol. Reply · 

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However, a trained martial artist using hand protection like the metal grips used to help climb walls could pull this off with (depending on size) the appearance of doing it barehanded. In the end, though, the best . Long before Ulquiorra, though, the series' current Big Bad demostrated just how much of a Badass he was when he blocked the protagonist's sword's powered-up form with a single finger, also cutting his Theme Music Power-Up off in the process. Justified in the case of 

Grave Of The Fireflies (hotaru No Haka) 1988

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Aesthetically beautiful, but just so damn depressing is the best way to describe director Isao Takahata's Grave of the Fireflies (hotaru No Haka, 1988). More than forty years after Japan's surrender in WWII, Takahata made one 

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