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Bluetooth Portable Conference Speakerphone Smackdown...

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4ments. As we begin to rely on our mobile devices for more and more of our business needs, I found myself needing a “portable Polycom” which would allow me to make quality speakerphone calls from my Mac or iPhone. . Seth thank you for the review I bought Philips Wecall based on it and it is so good I am getting a second one – the first one got taped to the dashboard of my good old but not very iphone friendly Volvo and finally there is no feedback (echo).

Canon Eos Rebel T1i 151 Mp Cmos Digital Slr Camera...

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Why The Car Dashboard Is The Key For Digital Radio Supremacy

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Episode #487. radio. When was the last time a terrestrial radio was your destination? I mean, when was the last time you sat down with the express intent to listen to your favourite show on the radio? In real time? Excluding 

Apple Launches 'carplay' To Put Iphone Apps In The...

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Rather than running iOS in the car dashboard itself, Apple's “iOS in the car” program, which has been rebranded as Apple CarPlay, is more of an interface for iPhone, which runs the apps and handles the connection to the internet. Apple CarPlay even before most developers start integrating, the writing could be on the wall for FM radio, which has stubbornly clung on in the car as listeners have migrated to other platforms in the home and on their portable devices.

Macworld Reviews Monster Digital Overdrive Thunderbolt...

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With so few portable SSDs sporting a terabyte of capacity

The Best Noise-canceling Over-ear Headphones

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First, if you're curious how noise-canceling headphones work, I recommend reading this article from HowStuffWorks. “The QC15s have .. CR advises using a lower-powered portable device to get the best possible sound out of them. But Brent said The Tivoli Audio radio Silenz ($160) look cool, and do offer noise reduction for less money than the Bose, but as Michael Berk, web editor for Sound+Vision, wrote: “I didn't love Tivoli's noise cancelation. On the positive 

Review: Jbl's Portable Speaker Line (onbeat Micro, Flip...

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Also, while the cylindrical shape is often nice, it is a bit bigger than many of the portable choices out there and can roll away if you are trying to put it on a moving car's dashboard or boat's flat surface for instance. You still can't 

Best Portable Radios

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It's powered by 4x AA batteries (there is a DC inlet, but you'll have to hunt down your own DC wall adaptor), which make it both portable and – if you use rechargeable batteries – relatively eco-friendly to run. Speaker power is 

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