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San Quentin Inmates Are Planting Vegetable Gardens As...

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Script, using quality whole foods to empower the incarcerated. The Insight Garden Program at San Quentin State Prison, outside San Francisco, provides rehabilitation to prisoners through the practice ofanic gardening.

Chicken Manure Fuel Can Power Your Car

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Chicken farmer Harold Bate discovered an eco-friendly way to power his car using decomposing chicken and pig manure as low-cost methane gas car fuel. Mr. Bate generates me thane in usable quantities by simply speeding up nature a bit with a pressure "digester" . . . just as ananic gardener speeds up the decomposition of natural matter with apost pile. There's nothingplicated nor expensive . Get free email alerts when newments are posted to this article.

Should I Eatpletelyanic?

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Any product can use it! So then, what does “organic” mean? The USDA Nationalanic Program (NOP) depicts “organic” as follows: “.anic food is produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future . This summer, I'm starting a vegetable garden so I can a) save money and b) know exactly goes into growing my food. . I love your article onanic food.

In East Austin, Amunity Built Around A Garden

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He was hooked, and Austin's urban, ag-friendly culture supported his habit. He honed “It's the aesthetic of it, the taste of locally grown produce, the space of it, and the opportunity to work outside in it,” he says; last fall he even started ananic garden at the high school where he teaches. “I actually the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, brands have taken to social media to memorialize the event—and sell their products. article. 19 Signs You're a Foodie Fanatic. image 

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Jane Says: You Have Enough Room For A Garden

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A few plants can be fit in edgewise just about anywhere.

81 Things You Canpost

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Composting is a keyponent of the eco-friendly puzzle, because it takes waste that's destined for landfills and turns it into usable, nutrient-rich soil, which is perfect for gardening. Most people focus on kitchen scraps, but 

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