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The Helm Station Dashboard

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The gelcoat and paint over the top didn't show any hint of what lay below. It is now absolutely certain that the missing fasteners I mentioned in my article on removing the windshield were, in fact, not the fault of Chris Craft. rough seas, something Roamer hulls excel at owing to the deadrise that carries all the way back to the transom, the higher speed put more stress on the FRP superstructure than what the relatively low-powered 427s were capable of dishing out.

Customizing The Wordpress Dashboard For Your Clients...

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This article will focus on packaging WordPress so that, in just few minutes after completion of a project, it will feel more unique to the client and not have the generic feel. The alt text of this link is “Powered by WordPress”.

How To Set Up A Real Time Business Statistics Dashboard...

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This tutorial will show you how to set up your own inexpensive business dashboard that is capable of displaying and updating information drawn from many different sources, in real time. This allows you to monitor the performance of Of course, that also means that using a Raspberry Pi, rather than a PC, means that the project is going to be much more energy efficient given that a Pi draws so little power compared to a PC. If I needed to convince myself further, the 

"powered By Article Dashboard" "submit Articles" "powered...

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This guide will show you how to make a new user account in OS X. Get familiar with the desktop. The desktop is the main work area of your computer, and will likely be the most visited area of your computer. Your desktop 

Tested: Coastal Craft 65 Concord

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I gotta say—Coastal Craft president Jeff Rhodes and naval architect Gregory C. Marshall put some serious thought into the design of the lower helm station of the Coastal Craft 65 Concord. up or even lean forward to steer, I was eased way back in the Stidd, letting the fingers of my right hand run the whole show, thanks to what I'd at first taken for an average, run-of-the-mill Volvo Penta joystick, mounted quite conveniently—if somewhat unusually—at the end of the underlying armrest.

Why Your Links Should Never Say

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For example, if you're linking to an article or book, don't link to the words “article” and “book”. Instead link to their respective . I find your reasoning invalid. Your example shows that the links are pointing to something (articles?) .. Most users on the Internet are not power users and they have to decipher new website interfaces on every page and if you've ever watched the average person try and navigate your site – it's extremely humbling. This is why arrows pointing 

12 Useful Customization And Branding Tweaks For The...

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The dashboard is somewhat the heart of a blog. It controls all the content and the options of your blog. But, as we know, WordPress is not a custom product specific to one type of blog, but rather something that has been 

Exploring Craft Cms

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Craft for Publishers. Craft has a beautifully straightforward and customizable management control panel. Your recent content is organized neatly on the dashboard, right after log-in. New content can be posted from the dashboard, or you can select a fields populate automatically. This is super powerful for CMS designers and content publishers if you have two or more flavors of similar content. There's nothing to distract or confuse. News Image Entry Type. News Article Entry Type 

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